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15 October 2002

Inter-agency Meeting on Coordination of Statistical Activities

1. The Inter-agency Meeting on Coordination of Statistical Activities was held at the Headquarters of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in New York from 17-19 September 2002.

2. Meeting documents were as follows:

  • SA/2002/1
Provisional agenda
  • SA/2002/2
Proposed schedule of discussions
  • SA/2002/3
Treatment of any "unfinished business" of the former ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities: Note by the Secretariat
  • SA/2002/4
Improving the quality of data used for indicators for the Millennium Development Goals and Targets: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/5
Issues relating to the assessment of the quality of statistical data in developing countries: Report by FAO
  • SA/2002/6
Quality assurance for statistics in international statistical services: Report by OECD
  • SA/2002/6/Add.1
Dimensions of statistical quality: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/6/Add.2
UNSD data collections and quality procedures: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/7
Reducing duplication of data collection from countries (not issued, will be replaced by oral report)
  • SA/2002/8
Coordination of data sets disseminated by different organizations covering the same subject matter: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/9
Coordination in the field of health statistics: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/10
Major new initiatives planned by organizations: Note by IMF
  • SA/2002/10/Add.1
Major new initiatives planned by organizations: Note by FAO
  • SA/2002/10/Add.2
Major new initiatives planned by organizations: Note by UNCTAD
  • SA/2002/10/Add.3
Major new initiatives planned by organizations: Note by UN-HABITAT
  • SA/2002/10/Add.4
Major new initiatives planned by organizations: Note by UNESCO
  • SA/2002/11
Inter-secretariat Working Group on Price Statistics: Note by ILO
  • SA/2002/11/Add.1
Inter-agency Task Force on Finance Statistics: Note by IMF
  • SA/2002/11/Add.2
Task Force on International Trade Statistics: Note by WTO
  • SA/2002/12
Programme review of services statistics for the Statistical Commission 2003: Note by OECD
  • SA/2002/13
Coordination of development indicators in the context of follow-up to major United Nations conferences and summits: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/14
Other matters relating to the Statistical Commission: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/14/Add.1
Identifying issues that the Statistical Commission might discuss: Note by UNSD
  • SA/2002/15
How to organize the future coordination of Statistical Activities: Note by UNSD

  • A/57/270
Implementation of the United Nations Millennium Declaration: Report of the Secretary-General

  • Unnumbered
List of participants
  • Unnumbered
Summary of Proceedings of the Consultative Seminar on Governance of National Statistical Systems, Singapore, 28-30 May 2002
  • Unnumbered
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange Initiative
  • Unnumbered
Estimating global slum dwellers: Monitoring the Millennium Development Goal 7, Target 11
  • Unnumbered
United Nations Expert Group Meeting on the Scope of Social Statistics
  • Unnumbered
Millennium indicators: Summary of progress at the regional level based on the Secretary-General's report (annex), A/57/270