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9 February 2018

Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities

Agenda/documents for the CCSA sessions

The agenda and documents for the working sessions of CCSA are set out below.

CCSA 31st session, New York, 2018
CCSA 30th Session, Muscat, 2017
CCSA 29th Session, New York, 2017
CCSA 28th Session, Paris, 2016
CCSA 27th Session, New York, 2016
CCSA 26th Session, Bangkok, 2015
CCSA 25th Session, New York, 2015
CCSA 24th Session, Rome, 2014
CCSA 23rd Session, New York, 2014
CCSA 22nd Session, Ankara, 2013
CCSA 21st Session, New York, 2013
CCSA 20th Session, Frankfurt, 2012
CCSA 19th Session, New York, 2012
CCSA 18th Session, Luxembourg, 2011
CCSA 17th Session, New York, 2011
CCSA 16th Session, Vienna, 2010
CCSA 15th Session, New York, 2010
CCSA 14th Session, Bangkok, 2009
CCSA 13th Session, New York, 2009
CCSA 12th Session, Tunis, 2008
CCSA 11th Session, New York, 2008
CCSA 10th Session, Madrid, 2007
CCSA 9th Session, New York, 2007
CCSA 8th Session, Montreal, 2006
CCSA 7th Session, New York, 2006
CCSA 6th Session, Rome, 2005
CCSA 5th Session, New York, 2005
CCSA 4th Session, New York, 2004
CCSA 3rd Session, New York, 2004
CCSA 2nd Session, Geneva, 2003
CCSA 1st Session, New York, 2003
Inter-agency Meeting on Coordination of Statistical Activities, New York, 2002