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6 December 2013

Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities

1. The twenty-second session of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities was held in Ankara, Turkey from 4 - 6 September 2013. It was hosted by the Statistical, Economic and Social Research Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC).

2. Meeting documents were as posted below:

  • SA/2013/23
Report of the 22nd session, Ankara, 4-6 September 2013
  • SA/2013/6
Report of the 21st session, New York, 25 February 2013
Items for discussion and decision:
  • SA/2013/7
Provisional agenda (updated 3 September 2013)
  • SA/2013/8
Principles Governing International Statistical Activities - Prepared by UNSD and Powerpoint presentation
  • SA/2013/9
Coordination for the post-2015 development agenda - Prepared by UNSD
  • SA/2013/10
Strengthening National Statistical Systems to Monitor Global Goals - Prepared by Paris21 and Powerpoint presentation
  • SA/2013/11
Quality assurance frameworks - Prepared by UNSD
  • Special session on "New approaches for data collection, analyses and dissemination"

Agenda of the special session

  • SA/2013/12
Health statistics - Prepared by WHO and Powerpoint presentation
  • SA/2013/12/Add.1
ICD Revision Process - Prepared by WHO
  • SA/2013/13
CCSA task team on the dissemination of microdata by international organizations: Draft Note: Microdata dissemination best practices - Prepared by the World Bank and Powerpoint presentation
  • SA/2013/14
The network of statisticians working in international organizations - Prepared by the group of animators and Powerpoint presentation by UNCTAD
  • SA/2013/22
Endorsement of the paper "Best practices on the use of on-official sources in international statistics" - Peprepared by Co-chairs
  • SA/2013/15
CCSA Medium-term Work Programme - Presentation by Co-chairs
Items for information:
  • SA/2013/16
Implementation of the 2008 SNA - Prepared by OECD
  • SA/2013/17
Joint development of DSDs for National Accounts between ECB, Eurostat and OECD: Project Description and Implementation Planning - Prepared by Eurostat and Powerpoint presentation
  • SA/2013/18
SDMX implementation framework for international merchandise trade statistics (IMTS) - Prepared by UNCTAD
  • SA/2013/19
Note on GGIM - Prepared by UNSD
  • SA/2013/20
Task Team on Human Capital: Defining the profile of international statisticians and recruitment policies: Preliminary Results of the Survey - Prepared by WTO
  • SA/2013/21
CCSA visualization - Prepared by Co-chairs
  • Unnumbered
CCSA Special Topic Sessions at the ISI World Statistics Congress 2013 - Presented by ECB
  • Unnumbered
SESRIC Statistics and Information Department - Presented by SESRIC
  • Unnumbered
Examples of Recent Activities of the Economic and Social Research Department 2012 - 2013 - Presented by SESRIC
Other documents:  
  • Unnumbered
List of participants
  • Unnumbered