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15 October 2012

Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities

1. The twentieth session of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities was held in Frankfurt from 17 - 19 September 2012. It was hosted by the European Central Bank.

2. Meeting documents were posted below:

  • SA/2012/5
Report of the 19th session, New York, 27 February
  • SA/2012/16
Report of the 20th session, Frankfurt, 17-19 September
Items for discussion and decision:
  • SA/2012/6
Provisional agenda
  • SA/2012/7

A note on the history of CCSA, its achievements and the way forward - Prepared by the CCSA Co-Chairs and Annex, and Powerpoint presentation

  • SA/2012/7/Add.1
Notes on revamping CCSA - Prepared by UNIDO and ITU, and Powerpoint presentation by ITU and Powerpoint presentation by UNIDO
  • SA/2012/7/Add.2
Input to the future agenda of CCSA - Prepared by IMF and World Bank
  • SA/2012/7/Add.3
Coordination of statistical activities from the viewpoint of a regional commission - Prepared by UNESCWA
  • SA/2012/7/Add.4
Summary of the Special Session on the future agenda of the CCSA - Prepared by the CCSA Co-Chairs
  • SA/2012/8
Use of different data sources for the production of international statistics - Prepared by UNODC
  • SA/2012/9
Dissemination of microdata (Not issued)
  • SA/2012/10
Training of international statisticians; staff exchange and mobility - Prepared by UNSD
  • SA/2012/11
Global Inventory of Statistical Standards - Prepared by UNSD
  • SA/2012/12
The network of statisticians working in international organizations - Prepared by the Co-Chairs and the Secretariat
Items for information:
  • SA/2012/13
Best practice for ensuring quality in international statistics: making international statistics fit for sound decision-making - Prepared by the Co-Chairs
  • SA/2012/14
Update on the implementation of the Busan Action Plan - Prepared by the World Bank
  • SA/2012/14/Add.1
Update on the implementation of the Busan Action Plan - Prepared by the Paris21
  • SA/2012/15
The Virtual Statistical System - Prepared by the World Bank
  • Unnumbered
European statistics - Prepared by the European Central Bank
Other documents:
  • Unnumbered
List of participants
  • Unnumbered