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ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities

1. The thirty-first session of the ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities was held in Geneva from 16-18 September 1997.

2. Meeting documents for the thirty-first session were as follows:

  • ACC/1997/16
Report of the ACC subcommittee on statistical activities on its thirty-first session
  • SA/1997/1
Provisional agenda
  • SA/1997/1/Add.1
Proposed schedule of discussion
  • SA/1997/2
Report of the Bureau Meeting, New York, 9 May 1996
  • SA/1997/3
Report of the Bureau Meeting, New York, 10 February 1997
  • SA/1997/4
Decisions Made at the Thirtieth Session
  • SA/1997/5
The Statistics Part of ACC Programmes Classification
  • SA/1997/7
Coordination of on-going Statistical Programmes
  • SA/1997/8
Issues Related to the Work of the Task Forces
  • SA/1997/8/Add.1
Report of the Task Force on Environment Statistics
  • SA/1997/8/Add.2
Issues Related to the Work of the Task Forces National Accounts
  • SA/1997/8/Add.3
Issues Related to the Work of the Task Forces
  • SA/1997/8/Add.4
Task Force on Industrial and Construction Statistics
  • SA/1997/8/Add.5
Task Force on Services Statistics
  • SA/1997/9
Follow-up to the Statistical Implications of Major United Nations Conferences
  • SA/1997/10
Matters arising from the work of the Statatiscal Commission and its Working Group on International Statistical Programmes and Coordination
  • SA/1997/11
Critical Problems in Economic Statistics
  • SA/1997/12
Other Matters
  • SA/1997/13
Report of the United Nations Statistics Division on UNESIS draft standards for data structure and methods in international data exchange and dissemination
  • SA/1997/14
Critical problems in economic statistics - Issues for the "city groups"
  • Un-numbered
Some additional steps toward more effective International Statistical Co-operation
  • Un-numbered
Monitoring the Development and Use of Statistical Indicator by the United Nations System
  • Un-numbered
List of Participants