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ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities

1. The twenty-ninth session of the ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities was held in Geneva from 15, 16 and 19 June 1995.

2. Meeting documents for the twenty-ninth session were as follows:

  • ACC/1995/14
Report of the ACC Sub-Committee on Statistical Activities on its twenty-ninth session
  • SA/1995/1
Provisional agenda
  • SA/1995/1/Add.1
Proposed schedule of discussion
  • SA/1995/2
Meeting of the Bureau, New York, 8 September 1994
  • SA/1995/3
Report of the Bureau on its meeting held 1 March 1995, New York
  • SA/1995/4
Report of the Inter-agency Task Force on Environment Statistics prepared by the UNSD
  • SA/1995/4/Add.1
Task Force Finance Statistics
  • SA/1995/4/Add.2
Task Force on Service Statistics
  • SA/1995/5
Status and plans of co-ordination tools
  • SA/1995/5/Add.1
Proposals for statistics part of the ACC classification
  • SA/1995/6
Improvement on coordination tools
  • SA/1995/7
Co-ordination of the Data Collection with the World Bank
  • SA/1995/7/Add.1
The needs for Statistics of the IMF's Analytical and Policy Units
  • SA/1995/7/Add.2
The needs for statistics of the analytical and policy units of international organisations and the statistics produced by these organisations
  • SA/1995/9
Monitoring the implentation of recommended classifications in countries
  • SA/1995/11
Bilateral technical cooperation in statistics
  • SA/1995/11/Add.1
Bilateral Technical Assistance Programs with the Countries of the Former Soviet Union
  • SA/1995/11/Add.2
Statistical co-operation with countries in transition: Co-operation database
  • SA/1995/11/Add.2.1
ACC Meeting - reaction to comments of OECD
  • SA/1995/12/Add.1
Progress in the review/revision of current recommendations on international migration statistics
  • SA/1995/12/Add.2
Plans for organizing the Expert Group Meeting on the 2000 World Population and Housing Census Programme
  • SA/1995/13
Follow-up to the twenty-eighth session of the Statistical Commission
  • SA/1995/13/Add.1
Follow-up to the twenty-eighth session of the Statistical Commission
  • SA/1995/14
World Statistics Day
  • SA/1995/15
Free exchange of statistics and related materials among international organisations
  • SA/1995/16
E-mail addresses
  • Un-numbered
List of documents
  • Un-numbered
List of Participants
  • Un-numbered
Task force on environment statistics
  • Un-numbered
Task force on finance statistics
  • Un-numbered
Task force on industry statistics
  • Un-numbered
Task force on international trade statistics
  • Un-numbered
International Statistical Institute - Recent activities
  • Un-numbered
Inventory of statistical data-collection activities
  • Un-numbered
Coordinationof on-going statistical programmes
  • Un-numbered
Free exchange of statistical and related materials among international organizations active in the subcommittee
  • Un-numbered
Input for the ACC Subcommittee in the area of Industrial Commodity Production Statistics