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ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities

1. The twenty-sixth session of the ACC Subcommittee on Statistical Activities was held in Geneva from 6-10 April 1992.

2. Meeting documents for the twenty-ninth session were as follows:

  • ACC/1992/16
Report of the ACC Sub-Committee on Statistical Activities on its twenty-sixth session
  • SA/1992/1/Rev.1
Provisional agenda
  • SA/1992/4
Policies and Practices in the International Organizations Concerning Adjusting Nationally Supplied Data
  • SA/1992/5
Strengthening International Statistical Cooperation
  • SA/1992/7
Coordination Issues Involved in Strategies for Stistical Development in Africa
  • SA/1992/8
Delivery of Regional Advisory Services on Population Matters in the ESCAP Region: Implications of Recent Changes in the Policies of the UN Population Fund Relating to Agency Support Costs
  • SA/1992/9
Base Year for International Statistics
  • SA/1992/10
Review of Statistical Activities Related to Health
  • SA/1992/11
Coordination of Ongoing Statistics Programmes
  • SA/1992/12
Human Development Issues - Other Matters Including Monitoring Achievement of Social Goals
  • Un-numbered
List of documents
  • Un-numbered
List of participants
  • Un-numbered
The review of the Global Statistical System and the evolving role of the statistical service in International Organizations
  • Un-numbered
The World's Women 1970-1990 Trends and Statistics