Statistics Canada - Quality Guidelines (2003 Edition)

The adoption of sound survey methodology provides the basis for producing statistical data that satisfy the information requirements of users.

In the domain of survey methodology there is no overall professional code of practice, or set of standards, that defines good practice for all situations. Survey methodology is rather a collection of practices, backed by a combination of theory and empirical evaluation, among which practitioners have to make sensible choices in the context of particular applications. These choices must attempt to balance the often competing objectives of relevance, accuracy, timeliness, cost, and reporting burden.

The present document consolidates a set of experiences and conclusions which, individually and in their particular contexts, have been judged to represent “good practice.” They will not all apply equally to every data acquisition process. Their applicability and importance will have to be carefully considered in light of the particular requirements and constraints of individual programs. This document must therefore be used with considerable professional care and judgement.

Custodian: Statistics Canada