Development, Compilation and Use of Input-Output Supply and Use Tables in the United Kingdom National Accounts

This paper looks at the development, compilation and use of Input-Output in the United Kingdom (UK) since the first official tables were drawn up in 1961 for the year 1954. The Input-Output Supply and Use Tables framework is now a central part of the UK’s National Accounts, and is the key to agreeing the annual level of current price Gross Domestic Product as well as feeding into various parts of the National Accounts and other products. 

This paper covers: History and development of I-O Supply and Use Tables; Compilation and methodology of I-O Supply and Use Tables, and annual coherence adjustments to GDP; Development of data sources used; Stages of integration with National Accounts; Development of new analyses based on I-O Supply and Use Tables to increase their value to users.

Custodian: Statistics UK