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Institutional Sector Accounts: 1999–2008 - New Zealand

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This release of the New Zealand institutional sector accounts covers the years ended March 1999 to 2008. The accounts for the household and general government sectors are included up to 2010, with new data and methods introduced. The release incorporates the most recent national accounts and balance of payments statistics as at November 2010.

Institutional Sector Accounts: 1999–2008 is the first official publication of institutional sector accounts and is a further step toward a full set of integrated national accounts. Institutional sector accounts break down the national accounts into mutually exclusive economic sectors identified in the System of National Accounts 1993 (1993 SNA).

Classifying economic agents by sector brings together similar types of decision makers and provides information that is useful in studying the source and disposal of incomes, the origin of saving, the direction and method of transfer of saving from one sector to another, and the areas of the economy in which available funds are spent. A full set of accounts for each sector make it possible to fully reconcile a number of key inter-sectoral income and transfer flows (such as interest, dividends, and donations) and enable saving to be analysed by sector.

The six sectors are:

  • non-financial corporations (sector 1)
  • financial corporations (sector 2)
  • general government (sector 3)
  • private non-profit organisations serving households (sector 4)
  • households (sector 5)
  • rest of the world (sector 6).

    Historical events from 1999 to 2008 that may be reflected in the sector accounts include: changes to the tax system, interest rate changes, the property boom, and business cycles. In the case of the household and government accounts to 2010, the impact of the global financial crisis is also reflected.

    Custodian: Statistics New Zealand



isa-99-08-supplementarytables.xls isa-99-08-supplementarytables.xls (253.00 KB, 1.9K views)
isa-99-08-maintables.xls isa-99-08-maintables.xls (293.00 KB, 1.9K views)

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