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Statistical Data Editing: Methods and Techniques Vols. 1 and 2

Data Editing and Data Linkage

This work focuses on enhancing harmonization of methods and concepts, and exchanging experience in issues related to data quality control at the collection phase.

Issues include editing and imputation of data originating from administrative sources and editing near source (e.g. editing by respondents).

The goal is to:

  • improve quality of statistical data produced within the national statistical offices
  • organise cooperation among experts on issues related to data editing and imputation, exchange of experience, harmonization of methods and concepts and development of new methods and techniques
  • produce methodological guides on data quality control, data editing and imputation

Vol. 1 (1994) - Data editing methods and techniques may significantly influence the quality of statistical data as well as the cost efficiency of statistical production. The aim of this publication is to assist National Statistical Offices in their efforts to improve and economize their data editing processes. Different methods and techniques can be used in the various stages of the data editing process; that is in survey management, data capture, data review and data adjustment. Questions as to what methods and techniques to use for data review and data adjustment, as well as the iterative character of these two steps, are often very sensitive. The publication, therefore, particularly focuses on these issues.

Vol. 2 (1997) - Volume 2 is the logical continuation of the first part of the series, which defined statistical data editing and presented associated methods and software, dealing with how to solve individual data editing tasks, focusing on efficient techniques for data editing operations and evaluating the whole process. The aim of the publication is to assist National Statistical Offices in their efforts to improve and economise data editing processes. The material was prepared in the framework of the project on Statistical Data Editing in the programme of work of the Conference of European Statisticians. It was reviewed at the work session on Statistical Data Editing in Athens (November, 1995) and compiled and edited by the Statistical Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. It represents an extensive voluntary effort on the part of the authors.


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