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Training workshop on Environment Statistics for the ESCWA region, Damascus, 4-8 April 2004

Final Report
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Agenda (English)
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List of Participants

Session 01 Assessment of Environmental Statistics in the ESCWA Region
Session 01 Framework of Environment Statistics and Indicators
Session 01 Sustainable Development Statistics, Indicators & Decision Making
Session 01 Environmental Accounting
Session 02 Role of Environmental Statistics in Solid Waste Management – Egypt
Session 02 Waste Statistics
Session 03 Data Generation Water Abstraction and Water Use
Session 03 Applied Multivariate Analysis on Precipation and Temperature data
Session 03 Statistics on Water Resources and Use (Introduction)
Session 03 Water Abstraction and Water Use
Session 03 Water Resources
Session 03 Water Statistics in Bahrain
Session 03 Water Statistics in Iraq
Session 04 Waste Water Treatment and Water Quality
Session 06 Data Dissemination in Palestine
Session 06 Environment Statistics in Palestine
Session 06 What to Disseminate: Aarhus convention
Session 06 Data Treatment and Dissemination in Jordan
Session 06 Developing and Environment System in Lebanon
Session 06 Treatment of Environmental Data
Session 07 Statistics on Land Use
Session 07 An Environment & Development Information System in Lebanon
Session 08 Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands
Session 08 Environmental and Policy Issues of Land Degradation
Session 08 Land Degradation (Introduction)
Session 08 Land Degradation in Yemen
Session 10 Statistics on Air Emissions
Session 11 Experiences from Results of the MedStat Project
Session Country Presentation from Syria

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