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  Opening session
Welcome address ECOWAS
Session 00-2 Welcome address UNSD
Session 00-3 Welcome address UNEP
Session 1
The need for environment statistics and indicators
Session 01-1-1 Politique environnementale et besoins stastistiques ECOWAS [French]
Session 01-1-2 Environmental Statistics in ECOWAS region (ECOWAS )
Session 01-2 Major environmental issues and the need for Environment Statistics and indicators in Nigeria (Nigeria)
Session 01-2 Presentation on Major environmental issues and the need for Environment Statistics and indicators in Nigeria (Nigeria)
Session 01-3 International requirements for Environment Statistics (UNSD)
Session 01-4 AEIN/GEO/AEO processes (UNEP)
Session 2 Environment statistics and indicators: concepts and methods
Session 02-1 Frameworks for Environmental Statistics and for the Development of Indicators (UNSD)
Session 02-2 The System of Environmental and Economic Accounting - SEEA (UNSD)
Session 02-3 The ECA list of Environmental Iindicators (UNSD)
Session 02-4 Environment Statistics in Ghana (Ghana)
Session 3 Institutional aspects of environment statistics
Session 03-1 ECOWAS programme on Environment Statistics (ECOWAS)
Session 03-2 InWEnt capacity building activities in Environment Statistics (InWEnt)
Session 03-3 Ecole Nationale Superieure de Statistique de d'Economie Appliquee (ENSEA) [French]
Session 4 Statistics on Freshwater, Coastal and marine resources, Environmental health, and Natural disasters
Session 04-1 Natural disasters (UNSD)
Session 04-2 Coastal and marine resources (IUCN)
Session 04-3 Fishery statistics (FAO)
Session 04-4-1 Introduction to Water Statistics (UNSD)
Session 04-4-2 Waste Water and Water Quality (UNSD)
Session 04-5 Environmental health indicators (UNSD)
Session 6 Statistics on Land use and agriculture, Forests and Biodiversity
Session 06-1 Land use statistics (UNSD)
Session 06-2 Land degradation statistics (UNSD)
Session 06-3 Land use statistics (FAO)
Session 06-4 Agriculture and forest indicators (FAO)
Session 06-5 Biodiversity statistics (IUCN)
Session 8 Statistics on Air, Energy and Waste
Session 08-1 Air and climate indicators (UNSD)
Session 08-2 Energy indicators (UNSD)
Session 08-3 Waste statistics (UNSD)
Session 08-4 Réseau africain d’information sur l’environnement (Mali) [French]
Session 10 Towards a regional programme of environment statistics
Session 10 Towards a regional programme of Environment Statistics (ECOWAS)