Work Session on the Communication of Statistics

Berlin, Germany, 27 May 29 May 2013

The Work Session on the Communication of Statistics organized by UNECE with the support of UNSD was held in Berlin, Germany, from 27 to 29 May 2013. The meeting was attended by 90 participants from 44 countries as well as 7 regional and international organizations. The purpose of the meeting was to present, share and discuss emerging trends and best practices in the communication of statistical data and metadata, in the context of implementing the annual work programme of the Conference of European Statisticians, of which this work session is a part. The discussions were organised in five sessions over two and a half days, and resulted in an ECE report (available below) with recommendations on good practices and key conclusions in this area of statistical work. The next meeting will take place next year either in Geneva or hosted by a volunteer National Statistical Office.

Documents for the meeting:
Annotated agenda
General Information
Final report