Task Force on COVID-19 and household surveys

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented itself as both a tremendous challenge and an opportunity to household survey programmes in countries.

The overall objectives of the Task Force are to (a) support the coordination of the COVID-19 impact surveys in countries; (b) provide guidance to countries both on maintaining the continuity of regular survey programmes and various methodological aspects of COVID-19 related surveys; and (c) establish a collective vision on the implications of COVID-19 for reshaping the national household survey programmes.

More information about the task force is available in the Terms of Reference.

Based on a survey carried out by UN Statistics Division and the World Bank, many national statistical offices have responded through innovative approaches.

Members of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Household Surveys are supporting countries to measure the impact of COVID-19 through sample surveys.

ISWGHS members have issued various guidelines to help countries in carrying out surveys to assess the impact of COVID-19.