ISWGHS Governance

Statistical Commission

provides the mandate of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Household Surveys, endorses its work programme and monitors the progress of its work.

Management Group

ensures appropriate inputs to and outputs/deliverables from the work of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Household Surveys and to lay the groundwork for successful outcomes. The members of the management group also act within their own organizations to further the agreed goals and objectives of the Intersecretariat Working Group.




The Chair of the group will rotate among the organizations. The Statistics Division will also serve as secretariat of the group.

Technical Working Group

Composed of technical experts from member agencies represented in the management group, plus experts appointed by the management group. The technical working group facilitates the technical work programme of the Intersecretariat Working Group. In consultation with the advisory panel, the technical working group has the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Preparing the work programme for review by the management group;
  • Promoting the application of existing standards and best practices in the design and implementation of household surveys, where such standards and best practices exist, and supporting the development and adoption of new standards and practices in areas where they do not exist;
  • Fostering coordination, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of household surveys to ensure that international and regional organizations, donors and recipient countries have clear roles and that their actions are complementary and effective;
  • Fostering the methodological development of household surveys by proposing and coordinating a research programme on survey methods and by assessing the appropriateness of proposals for new standards and methods;
  • Preparing, commissioning or supervising the production of manuals and handbooks for guidance and training in the design and implementation of household surveys;
  • Encouraging national support for the design and implementation of sustainable household survey programmes;
  • Communicating the policy relevance of household surveys;
  • Formulating a statistical response on emerging policy issues based on household surveys;
  • Developing international data collection activities in line with the normative standards and accompanying international recommendations in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Task Forces

Established to advance research on particular normative and methodological matters or to implement other specific activities. The task forces consist of experts in the relevant area and have a balanced regional representation. The task forces have limited life spans and focus on particular issues. Terms of reference will be formulated for each task force and will include specifications on deliverables, timelines, human and financial resources and work arrangements for monitoring the technical discussions and for reporting recommendations to the Intersecretariat Working Group.

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The United Nations Statistics Division will serve as the secretariat of the Inter-Secretariat Working Group.