Thematic Conference for the
Pacific Island region

Managing a statistical organization in times of change

  • Nadi, Fiji
  • 24-26 June 2024

The Thematic Conference for Pacific Island countries (24 - 26 June, Nadi, Fiji) is part of a series of regional conferences to understand and priorities the recent institutional, organizational and technical developments for the production of official statistics and indicators for the monitoring of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and related regional and national development plans.

The regional approach to these conferences will put focus on practices and challenges common among members of each region. In particular, it will allow the organizers to collect additional information and examples to contribute to the updated Handbook of Statistical Organization, whose purpose is to support the needs of senior managers to adapt and develop their statistical organizations and systems as stressed in th Cape Town Global Action Plan (CTGAP) for Sustainable Development and as described in the final report of the series of conferences on a Transformative Agenda for Official Statistics.

This Thematic Conference for Pacific Island countries will be organized around three main sessions covering the six strategic areas of the CTGAP and a subset of the 14 substantive chapters of the Handbook as identified by the organizing committee, represented by the Pacific Community, ESCAP and UNSD, as highly relevant for the region.

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