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UN Comtrade Monthly Data - Bulk Download

How To
Monthly data extraction is still in its beta phase and therefore limited to a 1000-record preview and 5000-record user query download.  However, if you register and sign-in, you will have access to the “bulk download” feature which will allow you to download separate monthly data files for individual or all countries in .csv format with the following information:

• Reporter
• Reporter description 
• Year Period 
• Year 
• Period description 
• Period 
• Trade Flow 
• Trade Flow description 
• Aggregation level 
• Commodity 
• Commodity description 
• Partner 
• Partner description 
• Net weight 
• Value 

Bulk download steps: 

1. Click on bulk download link on the main page. 
2. Search for individual countries or specify “All Countries” in the search box. 
3. Click download button.

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