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Timor-Leste - SITS profile

UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

Responsible agency:  Banking Payment Authority of Timor-Leste  

Methodological framework:  BPM 5 / BPM 6

Data sources:

EBOPS category


1. Transportation

Data on Sea Transport, freight, estimate 2.5% of import of goods. While Air transport (passenger) and other transport are compile from Airline Agencies operate in Timor-Leste.

2. Travel 

Data on travel credit is compiling from Immigration office and UNMIT,  while debit side from Treasury Dept, BPA, and  FDI companies.

3. Communications services

Data from Timor Telecom company

4. Construction services

Data from Minstry of finance ( Treasury and Procurement)  and external assitance (capital transfer doneted by UN)

5. Insurance services

Estimate 7.5% of insurance for goods import , BPA and companies

6. Financial services


7. Computer and information services

Data from FDI enterprises

8. Royalties and license fees

Data from FDI enterprises

9. Other business services

Data from FDI enterprises

10. Personal, cultural and recreational services


11. Government services n.i.e.

Data  receipts from Dep of Immigration, International agency such as UN survey, External Assistance, Minister of Foreign Affairs on Timor-Leste's Embasies expenditure abroad


UN ServiceTrade Metadata: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/servicetrade/mr/metaReporter.aspx?r=626
National Statistical database: N/A

National metadata: N/A

National practices


Presentations at workshops


Tourism Statistics

Data and Metadata:

§ Tourism statistics: N/A

§ Metadata: N/A

Presentations at workshops

Other publications

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