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PC-TAS and the UN Comtrade Database

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PC-TAS and the UN Comtrade Database

What is the difference between PC-TAS CD-ROM and the UN Comtrade database?

The PC-TAS CD-ROM contains a subset of data from UN Comtrade. However, the data extraction engine is quite different on the CD-ROM as compared to UN Comtrade on the internet. Furthermore, PC-TAS uses a cut-off of US$50,000 for inclusion of trade records on the CD and does not have trade records for the intermediate commodity levels (2- and 3-digit level of SITC and 4-digit of HS), whereas UN Comtrade contains all trade records.
We have been using the PC-TAS database version of the Comtrade data for 2000-2004 in SITC format. We would like to know whether it is possible to purchase this data (or the latest years) in a data file (suitable for import into Microsoft Access for example), rather than having to use the PCTAS front-end?

You can obtain the same information as the PC-TAS along with new data from the UN Comtrade database. Online access to UN Comtrade database (imports/exports) is available by annual subscription. The annual subscription would allow you to download the bilateral merchandise trade for all available countries up to 5 digit SITC or up to 6 digit HS.

You can access UN Comtrade, free of charge, or by clicking on First Time User, which would allow you to browse and print 1000-lines of data at a time. A subscription is needed in order to download data. UN Comtrade is accessed at http://comtrade.un.org/

The subscription levels and order form are also on the site page. Please refer to these links on how to fully use UN Comtrade:
- http://comtrade.un.org/db/help/FeaturesList.aspx
- http://comtrade.un.org/db/help/QuestionAnswer.aspx

How can we purchase the PC/TAS data?

The PC/TAS data, which is derived from UN Comtrade, is only available from ITC:
- http://www.intracen.org/mas/pctas.htm

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