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How to query for 'all countries'?

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How to query for 'all countries'?

Q: How to query for 'all countries'?

A: To select all countries, you have two options as parameters in either the Reporter or Partner query box: a) you can type ‘all’, or b) you can leave the field blank. In both cases, all available reporters or partners will be selected.

In partner selection, UN Comtrade contains only one pre-aggregated group, namely World aggregate. ‘0’ means “World aggregate” and ‘all' means “all partners, including the World”. World is an aggregation of all available partners within the specific commodity (commodity can be at any level of the classification; for instance, it can be Total or 010111). In the processing system, partner World (code 0) is aggregated and then stored in the basis, so that the UN Comtrade system doesn't need to aggregate at the time of extraction.

'all' in the Partner selection = all available countries and areas + world aggregate.

In reporter selection, UN Comtrade contains only one pre-aggregated group, namely EU-27 (code 97), which appears only as a reporter. The data for EU-27 is reported to UNSD by EuroStat. To avoid double counting,

all’ in the Reporter selection = all available countries and areas – EU27 (code 97).

If you would like to have all countries and EU-27 (code 97), you have to type “all,97” in Reporter query box.

There is no pre-aggregated group “World” in reporter selection. The reason is that World assumes that all available reporters are available; if not, missing reporters must be estimated. In the current system we do not estimate trade data and, therefore, we cannot create a complete reporter World.

Please be very careful in drawing conclusions based on your selection, since the calculation based on available data. Please refer to Data Availability

Special note:
for the calculation of Top Export Commodities or Top Import Commodities, Commodity Code all value will be translated to 2 digit codes. By doing this, we could show graphical representation of Top Export Commodities or Top Import Commodities in 2 digit codes.

•  Comtrade Explorer won't handle custom country groups nor custom commodity groups. If you have custom country or commodity groups in the selections, the system will ignore it.
•  Due to response time limitation, Comtrade Explorer won't process very complex selections. The error message will show "Query too complex (limitation message)".

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