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Finding 6-digit detailed commodity codes...

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Finding 6-digit detailed commodity codes...

Finding 6-digit detailed commodity codes in HS Classification in UN Comtrade

Regarding the HS classification, will I always find a 6 digit detailed commodity code in the trade data? Can it happen that there is only one subcategory (at 6 digit level) within a 5 digit code? For example, a case would be for code 12333.

12333   10
123331 10
14334   32

A. The HS classification is completely built on 6-digit codes, which are aggregated first to a 4-digit level, and then to the 2-digit level. Please note that the HS classification does not have a 5-digit level (and also not a 1- or 3-digit level).

Yes, it is possible to have only one sub-category at the 6 digit level. Examples are codes 100300, 251400 or 270900 (the last one is the “Crude Oil” code). These three codes are reflected in exactly the same sense at the 4-digit level, as 1003, 2514 and 2709 respectively. As you may notice, these unique 6 digit codes always end in 00.

You can use the link below to locate the 6-digit code, after which you can query the UN Comtrade database for available data.

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