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Correlation between ISIC and SITC codes...

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Correlation between ISIC and SITC codes...

Correlation between ISIC and SITC codes (or Commodity and Industry)

I would like to know the conversion of the SITC codes into their corresponding SIC Codes. On the other hand, I am also involved in a market sutdy to find the foreign trade among several geographic regions. The point is that I do not know how to obtain import´s information between two countries by commodity. For instance, I would like to know the breakdown by type of commodity of the global imports of Germany from China.

A: From the UNSD classification registry (see http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cr/registry/regdnld.asp?Lg=1) you can download several correlation tables to make the link between commodity and industry.

The trade by commodity can be found on the UN Comtrade website.

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