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United Nations Statistical Yearbook - Fifty-sixth Issue

Complete Book in pdf format
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Introduction Conversion coefficients and factors
Technical Notes Tables added and omitted
Country and area nomenclature, regional and other groupings
Part One: World and region summary Data Size
World and region summary
1. World statistics – selected series PDF 25KB
2. Population, rate of increase, birth and death rates, surface area and density PDF 30KB
3. Index numbers of total agricultural and food production PDF 19KB
4. Index numbers of per capita agricultural and food production PDF 19KB
5. Production, trade and consumption of commercial energy PDF 32KB
6. Total imports and exports: index numbers PDF 131KB
Part Two: Population and social statistics Data Size
Population and human settlements    
7. Population by sex, rate of population increase, surface area and density PDF 115KB
8. Population in urban and rural areas, rates of growth and largest urban agglomeration population PDF 90KB
9. Proportion of seats held by women in national parliament PDF 53KB
10. Share of women in wage employment in the non-agricultural sector PDF 49KB
11. Ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education PDF 90KB
12. Education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels PDF 225KB
13. Public expenditure on education PDF 42KB
Nutrition and Health    
14. Food Supply PDF 53KB
15. Population undernourished PDF 41KB
Culture and communication    
16. Cellular mobile telephone subscribers PDF 97KB
17. Fixed (wired) internet subscriptions PDF 77KB
18. Cinema infrastructure PDF 50KB
Part Three: Economic activity Data Size
National accounts and industrial production    
19. Gross domestic product and gross domestic product per capita PDF 193KB
20. Implicit price deflators of GDP PDF 196KB
21. Gross domestic product by type of expenditure at current prices PDF 187KB
22. Value added by industries in current prices PDF 119KB
23. Industrial production indices PDF 208KB
Financial statistics    
24. Rates of discount of central banks PDF 95KB
25. Short-term interest rates PDF 75KB
Labour force    
26. Employment by economic activity PDF 288KB
Wages and prices    
27. Wages in manufacturing PDF 103KB
28. Consumer price indices PDF 70KB
Agriculture, forestry and fishing    
29. Agricultural production indices PDF 112KB
30. Oil crops PDF 59KB
31. Cereals PDF 49KB
32. Roundwood PDF 102KB
33. Fish production PDF 72KB
34. Fertilizers PDF 96KB
35. Sugar PDF 131KB
36. Meat PDF 150KB
37. Beer PDF 56KB
38. Cigarettes PDF 106KB
39. Paper and paperboard PDF 39KB
40. Aluminium PDF 91KB
41. Radio and television receivers PDF 23KB
42. Washing machines PDF 32KB
43. Machine tools PDF 45KB
44. Trucks PDF 28KB
45. Production, trade and consumption of commercial energy PDF 297B
46. Production of selected energy commodities PDF 152KB
47. Land PDF 71KB
48. CO2 emissions estimates PDF 54KB
49. Threatened species PDF 110KB
50. Water supply and sanitation coverage PDF 102KB
Science and technology    
51. Personnel in research and development (R & D) PDF 96KB
52. Gross domestic expenditure on R & D by source of funds PDF 63KB
53. Patents PDF 44KB
Part Four: International economic relations Data Size
International merchandise trade    
54. Total imports and exports PDF 246KB
55. Total imports and exports: index numbers PDF 67KB
56. Manufactured goods exports PDF 43KB
International tourism and transport    
57. Tourist/visitor arrivals by region of origin PDF 257KB
58. Outbound tourism PDF 104KB
59. Civil aviation: scheduled airline traffic PDF 63KB
International finance    
60. International reserves minus gold PDF 107KB
61. Public and publicly guaranteed long-term debt PDF 67KB
Development assistance    
62. Disbursements of bilateral and multilateral official development assistance and official aid to individual recipients PDF 94KB
63. Net official development assistance from DAC countries to developing countries and multilateral organizations PDF 21KB
64. Socio-economic development assistance through the United Nations system PDF 66KB