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Time-Use Surveys

Improving Measurement of Paid & Unpaid WORK

Expert Group Meeting on Methods for Conducting
Time-use Surveys (23-27 October 2000

The Expert Group Meeting on Methods for Conducting Time-use Surveys was convened as part of the work of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) on time-use statistics under a project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Development Research Centre/Canada on Gender Issues and the Measurement of Paid and Unpaid Work. The meeting discussed methodological guidelines for the conduct of time-use surveys and reviewed the further development of the trial United Nations International Classification of Activities for Time-Use Statistics. The papers prepared for the meeting and the discussion will provide the major input to a methodological publication that the Statistics Division is preparing to assist developing countries in carrying out time-use surveys.

Report of Meeting

ESA/STAT/AC.79/23 (18kb)

Meeting documents

Title of paper

Country Paper: SOUTH AFRICA
Time Use Survey 2000 (46kb)

ESA/STAT/AC.79/2 Country Report: Occupied Palestinian Territory
Time Use Survey: A Palestinian Example (30kb)
ESA/STAT/AC.79/3 Country Report: NIGERIA
Conducting the Time Use Survey-Nigerian Experience 31kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/4 Country Report: MONGOLIA
Time Use Survey 2000 43kb

Conducting the Time Use Survey-Indian Experience 146kb

ESA/STAT/AC.79/6 Issues in the Design of Time-Use Surveys for Collecting Data on Paid and Unpaid Work 46kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/7 Guide to Producing Statistics on Time-Use for Measuring Paid and Unpaid Work: An Outline 15kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/8 Framework for data collection on time-use: Relating objectives, design & resources 104kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/9 Designing Household Survey Questionnaires for Developing Countries--Chapter 22: Time Use
ESA/STAT/AC.79/10 The 'light' time diary approach
Report on some LAO PDR and Swedish actions and experiences
ESA/STAT/AC.79/11 Statistics on Working Time Arrangements: Issues and the role of time use surveys
ESA/STAT/AC.79/12 National experiences in carrying out the harmonized European time use survey 44kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/13 Country Report: MEXICO 44kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/14 Country Report: REP OF KOREA 100kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/15 Methodological guidelines on harmonised European time use surveys-With reference to experiences of the European time use pilot surveys 75kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/16 Use of context in time-use research 110kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/17 Collecting time-use data, including context variables and simultaneous activities, at Statistics Canada 93kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/18 Sampling issues in time-use survey
Indian Experience 29kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/19 United States Time Use Survey 2001
ESA/STAT/AC.79/20 Tabulation and analysis of the Indian time use survey data for improving measurement of paid and unpaid work 236kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79/21 Major issues in developing the South African time use classification 65kb
ESA/STAT/AC.79.22 Draft International Classification of Activities for Time-use Statistics



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