United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
19-23 September 2005, New York

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List of Documents

 1Preliminary agenda / Organization of work   PDF19 KB
 2List of documents [this page]     
 3List of participants   PDF13 KB
 4Final report (draft)   PDF178 KB
 5Revision of the International Recommendations for Statistics on Economic Activities   PDF131 KB
 6U.S. Experience with Auxiliary Units under the North American Industry Classification System   PDF796 KB
 7Industrial Statistics of India : Status and Issues   PDF151 KB
 8Country comments on issues raised in the Discussion Paper   PDF235 KB
 9Revision of international recommendations for index of industrial production   PDF102 KB
 10Treatment of ancillary units in the 1993 SNA: A Review   PDF404 KB
 11Institutional units in the corporation sectors in 1993 SNA   PDF126 KB
 12The Canadian integrated approach to economic surveys   PDF247 KB
 13Statistical issues arising from complex cross-border corporate structures   PDF97 KB
 14Industry Statistics in the Canadian System of National Accounts: Comments on the Canadian approach   PDF173 KB
 15Special Purpose Entities in the Public Sector   PDF134 KB
 16Summary of responses to the questions on index numbers of industrial production   PDF49 KB
 17Summary of the responses to the questionnaire on the List of Industrial Products   PDF153 KB
 18Composition of the UN List of Industrial Products   PDF77 KB
 19Preliminary Results of the Questionnaire Consultation on Industrial Statistics   PDF282 KB
 20Data collection strategy covering small units (Country practice - Nigeria)   PDF110 KB
 21Relevance and applicability of the UNIDO industrial statistics database for research purposes   PDF144 KB
 22SME statistics: Towards more systematic statistical measurement of SME behaviour   PDF342 KB
 Bk.1Index numbers of Industrial Production (ST/STAT/Ser.F/1)   PDF383 KB
 Bk.2International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics (ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.M/48/Rev.1)   PDF5506 KB
 Bk.3Strategies for Measuring Industrial Structure and Growth (ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.F/65)   PDF7754 KB
 Bk.R1Reply (Recommendations) - Australia   PDF32 KB
 Bk.R2Reply (Recommendations) - Brazil   PDF41 KB
 Bk.R3Reply (Recommendations) - Finland   PDF18 KB
 Bk.R4Reply (Recommendations) - Germany   PDF38 KB
 Bk.R5Reply (Recommendations) - Iran   PDF13 KB
 Bk.R6Reply (Recommendations) - Israel   PDF10 KB
 Bk.R7Reply (Recommendations) - Kuwait   PDF6 KB
 Bk.R8Reply (Recommendations) - Paraguay   PDF6 KB
 Bk.R9Reply (Recommendations) - Russian Federation   PDF19 KB
 Bk.R10Reply (Recommendations) - Slovenia   PDF4 KB
 Bk.R11Reply (Recommendations) - Turkey   PDF30 KB
 Bk.R12Reply (Recommendations) - USA   PDF6 KB
 Bk.I1Reply (Index numbers) - Australia   PDF17 KB
 Bk.I2Reply (Index numbers) - Brazil   PDF18 KB
 Bk.I3Reply (Index numbers) - Germany   PDF28 KB
 Bk.I4Reply (Index numbers) - India   PDF13 KB
 Bk.I5Reply (Index numbers) - Singapore   PDF19 KB
 Bk.I6Reply (Index numbers) - United States   PDF102 KB
 Bk.P1Reply (Product List) - Denmark   PDF17 KB
 Bk.P2Reply (Product List) - Dominican Republic   PDF25 KB
 Bk.P3Reply (Product List) - Germany   PDF21 KB
 Bk.P4Reply (Product List) - Iran   PDF223 KB
 Bk.P5Reply (Product List) - Luxembourg   PDF9 KB
 Bk.P6Reply (Product List) - Palestine   PDF48 KB
 Bk.P7Reply (Product List) - Switzerland   PDF5 KB
 Bk.P8Reply (Product List) - Netherlands   PDF17 KB
 Bk.P9Reply (Product List) - Tanzania   PDF44 KB
 Bk.P10Reply (Product List) - Bulgaria   PDF95 KB
 Bk.P11Reply (Product List) - Yemen   PDF47 KB
 Bk.P12Reply (Product List) - Greece   PDF59 KB
 Bk.P13Reply (Product List) - Italy   PDF115 KB
 Bk.P14Reply (Product List) - Slovakia   PDF98 KB
 Bk.P15Reply (Product List) - Hungary   PDF90 KB
 Bk.P16Reply (Product List) - Armenia   PDF14 KB
 Bk.P17Reply (Product List) - Macau   PDF44 KB
 Bk.P18Reply (Product List) - Slovenia   PDF79 KB
 Bk.P19Reply (Product List) - Malaysia   PDF108 KB
 Bk.P20Reply (Product List) - Latvia   PDF125 KB
 Bk.P21Reply (Product List) - Czech Republic   PDF119 KB
 Bk.P22Reply (Product List) - Turkey   PDF98 KB
 Bk.P23Reply (Product List) - Kazakhstan   PDF102 KB
 Bk.P24Reply (Product List) - Canada   PDF79 KB
 Bk.P25Reply (Product List) - Sweden   PDF35 KB
 Bk.P26Reply (Product List) - Spain   PDF80 KB
 Bk.P27Reply (Product List) - Japan   PDF172 KB
 Bk.P28Reply (Product List) - Poland   PDF41 KB
 Bk.P29Reply (Product List) - Azerbaijan   PDF52 KB
 Bk.P30Reply (Product List) - Senegal   PDF103 KB
 Bk.P31Reply (Product List) - Iceland   PDF42 KB
 Bk.P32Reply (Product List) - Philippines   PDF171 KB
 Bk.P33Reply (Product List) - Belarus   PDF115 KB
 Bk.P34Reply (Product List) - Australia   PDF71 KB
 Bk.P35Reply (Product List) - Malta   PDF40 KB
 Bk.P36Reply (Product List) - Mexico   PDF98 KB
 Bk.P37Reply (Product List) - Ukraine   PDF63 KB