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Revision of the "International Recommendations for the Index of Industrial Production" (IRIIP)

The draft text of this publication has been prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) in accordance with the decision of the United Nations Statistical Commission at its thirty-fifth session in 2004 to revise the existing recommendations on the Index Numbers of Industrial Production of 1950. This draft text has been endorsed for global country consultation by the United Nations Expert Group on Industrial Statistics following a review of text and discussion of issues at meetings in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

This revision of the 1950 Index Numbers of Industrial Production manual takes into account methodological developments in the field of index number calculation that emerged over the past decades and describes new recommended methodological standards for the compilation of index numbers of industrial production.

In addition, this updated publication also provides practical guidance for actual steps in the index number calculation and presents recommended methods for each industry in its scope to assist countries in producing high-quality short-term economic indicators that are also internationally comparable.

A final global consultation has been undertaken in January and February 2009. The feedback received during this consultation has been incorporated into the final document, which was submitted for approval to the United Nations Statistical Commission in February 2010.

The document below presents the text of the new publication, prior to official editing and printing.

IRIIP 2010 (1.2 MB)

International Recommendations for the Index of Industrial Production 2010