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2013 Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook


The 2013 Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook is the forty-seventh in a series of annual compilations of statistics on world industry designed to meet both the general demand for information of this kind and the special requirements of the United Nations and related international bodies.

The present Yearbook contains data in physical quantities, as well as in monetary value of production. It is therefore organized in two volumes, namely Volume I: Physical Quantity Data and Volume II: Monetary Value Data.

The Yearbook contains data on production of industrial commodities by country and geographical region. The statistics refer to the ten-year period 2004-2013 for about 200 countries and areas, based on a list of about 600 commodities. Additional data, i.e. for periods before 2004 as well as additional commodities, are available in the Industrial Commodity Statistics Database. Data reported for the products in the Yearbook reflect value and volume of production sold during the survey period, which is defined as the production carried out at some time, which has been sold (invoiced) during the reference period. The data cover products produced by mining, manufacturing and electricity and gas units, i.e. units classified in sections C, D and E of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revision 3.1, or sections B, C and D of ISIC Revision 4 (depending on the classification used within each individual country). The products may be outputs of primary or secondary production. The data does not cover output of units classified outside of these ISIC sections.

The selection of industrial commodities is based on the United Nations List of Industrial Products, established in 2005. The List is comprised of a selected set of products intended for data collection on industrial production. It is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of industrial or manufacturing products. Products have been selected on the basis of their overall importance and their importance as outputs of individual ISIC industries in the world economy.

Like previous issues, the Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook has been prepared by the Statistics Division of the United Nations with the generous cooperation of the national statistical authorities. Acknowledgement is also due to the following specialized agencies and intergovernmental bodies whose publications have been utilized in updating our statistics: Afristat (Bamako, Mali), Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (Riyadh), Asian Development Bank (Manila), Fiber Economics Bureau (USA), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Rome), International Grains Council (London), World Steel Association (Brussels), International Rubber Study Group (London), International Sugar Organization (London), International Tea Committee (London), Organization of the Islamic Conference (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) and U.S. Geological Survey (Washington, D.C.). Production data for energy commodities have been taken from the energy statistics database of the Statistics Division of the United Nations.