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Guidelines for Industrial Statistics

This page list guidelines issued by the United Nations for the production of industrial statistics.
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PDF   International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics (IRIS) 2008
(Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 90)
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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
    This publication is designed to provide a comprehensive methodological framework for the collection and reporting of industrial statistics in all countries, irrespective of the level of development of their statistical systems. It is intended primarily for the producers of industrial statistics, particularly the staff of national statistical offices involved in the collection and compilation of industrial statistics, but may be also useful to researchers and other users of industrial statistics.

    The previous, version of this document International Recommendations for Industrial Statistics (Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 48, Rev.1), published in 1983, is accessible here.

    PDF   International Recommendations for the Index of Industrial Production (IRIIP) 2010
    (Statistical Papers, Series F, No.107) - unedited version

      This publication provides guidance on matters of basic concepts and of statistical practice for compiling index numbers of production and assists in improving international comparability between national index numbers.

    This publication is the result of the revision of the 1950 manual "Index numbers of Industrial Production" (Statistical Papers, Series F, No.1). The original version of this manual is available here.

    Country practices in the compilation of the index of industrial production have been surveyed in 2007 and are summarized in the followig UNSD publication:

    PDF   Country practices for the collection and calculation of the Index of Industrial Production

    The following two are reference documents for economic statistics, under development by the United Nations Statistics Division:

    PDF   Statistical Units
    PDF   Integrated List of Data Items for Use in Basic Economic Statistics