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Old List of industrial products (1971)

This page shows the complete previous List of Industrial Products, which was used for collection of data in the UN Industrial Commodity Statistics Database covering data up to 2003. The List has been established in 1971. A selection of about 530 products thereof is published in the Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook.

Note: The List of Industrial products has now been replaced with a new version, which is being used for data collection from the 2004 collection cycle onward. Please follow the link on the left for information about the new List.

Old List of industrial products - alphabetically sorted

ISIC Rev. 2 based codeDescription
3699-04Abrasives, agglomerated or not (mill-stones, grindstones etc.)
2909-04Abrasives, natural (pozzolan, pumice, volcanic cinder etc.)
3839-13Accumulators, electric, for motor vehicles
3511-34Acetates - methyl, ethyl, butyl
3511-35Acetic acid
3511-79Activated carbon
3829-25AAir-conditioning machines
3513-10Alkyd resins
3720-21Alumina, calcined equivalent
3720-25Aluminium bars, rods, angles, shapes, sections
3511-61Aluminium oxide, excl. natural alumina
3720-31Aluminium plates, sheets, strip, foil
3511-63Aluminium sulphate
3720-34Aluminium tubes and pipes
3720-28Aluminium wire
3720-22Aluminium, unwrought
3720-221Aluminium, unwrought, primary
3720-222Aluminium, unwrought, secondary
3720-23Aluminium-base alloys
3513-13Aminoplastic resins
3511-58Ammonia (N content)
2901-194Andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite
3710-35Angles, shapes and sections (total)
3710-36Angles, shapes and sections, 80 mm or more (heavy sections)
3710-37Angles, shapes and sections, less than 80 mm (light sections)
2302-34MAntimony-bearing ores, Sb content
2902-25Arsenic (Arsenic trioxide)
3699-01AAsbestos-cement articles
3530-01AAviation gasolene
3111-16Bacon, ham and other dried, salted or smoked pig meat
2902-19Barytes, whether or not calcined
3839-10Batteries and cells, primary
3212-04Bed linen, articles (e.g. bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress covers etc.)
3111-011Beef and veal, fresh (industrial production only)
3111-01Beef and veal, fresh (total production)
3133-04Beer and stout
3511-07Benzene (benzol)
3852-01Binoculars and refracting telescopes
3530-34ABitumen (asphalt)
3220-16Blouses, women's and girls'
2902-22Borate minerals, crude natural
3117-04Bread, ships' biscuits and other ordinary bakers' wares
3540-04Brown-coal briquettes
3691-01BBuilding bricks, made of clay
3691-01ABuilding bricks, made of clay
3112-071Butter (industrial production only)
3112-07Butter (total production)
3511-22Butyl alcohols (butanols)
3511-09Butylenes, butadiene
3720-52Cadmium, unwrought
3511-73Calcium carbide
3825-04Calculating machines
3852-07Cameras, photographic
3511-53Carbon bisulphide
3529-01Carbon black
3214-01Carpets and rugs of wool, knotted
3214-04Carpets and rugs, other
3511-59Caustic soda
3513-40Cellulosic continuous filaments
3513-07Cellulosic staple and tow
3819-19Central heating apparatus, non-electric (boilers, radiators etc.)
3116-10Cereal breakfast food
3112-101Cheese (industrial production only)
3112-10Cheese (total production)
3119-13Chocolate and chocolate products
2302-22M1Chromium-bearing ores, Cr content
3411-28Cigarette paper
3140-04Cigars, cigarillos and cheroots
2901-19Clays (total production)
3853-04Clocks with watch movements
3853-07Clocks, instrument-panel & similar type
3853-10Clocks, other, electric and non-electric
3220-19Coats, women's and girls'
2302-37MCobalt-bearing ores, Co content
3119-10Cocoa butter
3119-07Cocoa powder
3121-01Coffee extracts, essences and concentrates (including instant coffee)
3540-13BCoke-oven gas
3822-32Combine harvester-threshers
3845-07Commercial passenger and cargo planes
3819-07ACompressed gas cylinders
3699-10AConcrete blocks and bricks
3699-10BConcrete blocks and bricks
3824-34Concrete mixers for use at construction sites
3699-13BConcrete pipes
3699-13AConcrete pipes
3819-16AContainers, one cubic metre and over
3720-10Copper bars, rods, angles, shapes, sections
3720-16Copper plates, sheets, strip, foil
3511-65Copper sulphate
3720-19Copper tubes and pipes
3720-13Copper wire
3720-01Copper, blister and other unrefined
3720-041Copper, primary, refined
3720-04Copper, refined, unwrought
3720-042Copper, secondary, refined
3720-07Copper-base alloys
2302-01MCopper-bearing ores, Cu content
3215-01Cordage, rope and twine
3211-10Cotton yarn, mixed
3211-13Cotton yarn, pure
3211-09Cotton yarn, pure and mixed (total)
3115-16Cotton-seed oil, crude
3115-19Cotton-seed oil, refined
2200-01ACrude petroleum
2902-07Crude potash salts, K2O content
3710-16Crude steel for castings
3710-19Crude steel, ingots (including continuously-cast blooms, billets and slabs)
3822-02Cultivators, scarifiers, etc.
2909-19Diamonds, gem
2909-01Diamonds, industrial
3821-04ADiesel engines, excluding engines for motor vehicles
3131-01Distilled alcoholic beverages, excluding ethyl alcohol
3220-22Dresses, women's and girls'
3823-01Drilling and boring machines
3829-07Drying machines, household
3511-74Dyestuffs, synthetic (60 per cent)
3831-25Electric furnaces
3831-07AElectric motors, fractional horsepower
3831-07BElectric motors, fractional horsepower
3831-10BElectric motors, one horsepower and over
3831-10AElectric motors, one horsepower and over
3833-07Electric space heaters
4101-01Electricity (total production)
4101-02Electricity production by public utilities
3831-19Electricity-supply meters
3823-43Electro-mechanical hand tools
3832-25Electronic tubes
3829-52Elevators (lifts), for lifting goods andpersons
3511-23Ethanediol (ethylene glycol)
3131-04Ethyl alcohol for all purposes
3511-29Ethylene oxide
3824-25Excavating machines
3117-13Farinaceous preparations (e.g. ravioli, tortellini etc.)
3710-131Ferro-chromium (including ferro-silico-chromium and charge chrome)
3822-63Fertilizer distributors, animal, hand ortractor-operated
3411-34AFibreboard, compressed
3114-07Fish, canned
3114-01Fish, frozen
3114-04Fish, salted, dried or smoked
3211-16Flax, ramie and true hemp yarn
3219-01Floor covering
3116-07Flour, cereal, other than wheat
3116-01Flour, wheat
2902-16Fluorspar, excluding precious stones
3240-00Footwear, excluding rubber (total production)
3240-13Footwear, house (e.g. slippers)
3823-07Forging, stamping and die-stamping machines
3829-55Fork-lift trucks
3511-37Formic acid
3909-04Fountain pens, ball-point pens, propelling pencils, etc.
3113-07Fruit & vegetable juices, concentrated, frozen or not
3113-10Fruit & vegetable juices, unconcentrated, frozen or not
3119-01Fruit, glace or crystallized
3113-16Fruits, canned or bottled
3113-01Fruits, dried (raisins, dates, prunes, dried figs, apricots, peaches etc.)
3113-13Fruits, frozen
2901-192Fuller's earth
3839-01Fuses, electrical
3710-58Galvanized sheets
3822-58AGarden tractors
3530-19AGas-diesel oil (distillate fuel oil)
4102-02BGasworks gas
3811-07AGeneral hardware
3831-01BGenerators for hydraulic turbines
3831-01AGenerators for hydraulic turbines
3831-04BGenerators for steam turbines
3620-10BGlass bottles and other containers of common glass
3620-10AGlass bottles and other containers of common glass
3620-05Glass fibres (including glass wool)
3620-04BGlass, cast, rolled, drawn or blown
3620-04AGlass, cast, rolled, drawn or blown
3620-01BGlass, drawn or blown, in rectangles, unworked
3620-01AGlass, drawn or blown, in rectangles, unworked
2302-55MGold-bearing ores, Au content
3842-10AGoods wagons and vans
3824-28Graders and levellers
3832-40Gramophone records
2901-07Granite, porphyry, sandstone, etc.
2909-07Graphite, natural
2901-16Gravel and crushed stone
3823-10Grinding and sharpening machines
3115-22Groundnut oil, crude
2909-02Gypsum, crude
2100-01Hard Coal
3540-01Hard-coal briquettes
3822-08Harrows, rotary, animal or tractor-operated
3231-01AHeavy leather
3710-40Heavy plates, over 4.75 mm
3111-341Hides, cattle and horse, undressed (industrial production only)
3111-34Hides, cattle and horse, undressed (total production)
3710-61Hoop and strip, cold-reduced
3710-64Hoop and strip, hot-rolled
3411-24Household and sanitary paper
3610-04BHousehold ware of other ceramic materials
3610-01BHousehold ware of porcelain or china
3610-01AHousehold ware of porcelain or china
3511-62Hydrated alumina, in terms of Al2O3
3821-16AHydraulic turbines
351-146Hydrochloric acid
3511-71Hydrogen peroxide
3829-28Industrial refrigerators and freezers
3710-22Ingots for tubes
3551-02Inner tubes, rubber, for bicycles and motorcycles
3551-01Inner tubes, rubber, for motor vehicles
3512-16Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and disinfectants
3411-37AInsulating board
3821-08BInternal combustion engines, excluding engines for motor vehicles
3821-08AInternal combustion engines, gasolene, excluding engines for motor vehicles
2902-13Iron pyrites, unroasted
2301-01MIron-bearing ores, Fe content
3833-10Irons, electric smoothing, all types
3220-01Jackets, men's and boys'
3113-04Jams, marmalades and fruit jellies
3530-04AJet fuels
3211-40Jute fabrics
3211-40AJute fabrics
3211-40BJute fabrics
3211-22Jute yarn
3213-01Knitted fabrics
3213-13Knitted sports shirts
3213-16Knitted sweaters
3213-10Knitted undergarments, excluding elastic
3824-07Knitting machines
3839-16Lamps, electric (excluding fluorescent tubes)
3111-311Lard (industrial production only)
3511-57Lead oxides
3720-40Lead tubes and pipes
3720-371ALead, primary, refined soft
3720-373ALead, secondary, refined soft
3720-37Lead, unwrought
3720-38Lead-base alloys
2302-10MLead-bearing ores, Pb content
3240-01Leather footwear, children's
3240-04Leather footwear, men's
3240-07Leather footwear, women's
3231-04BLight leather
2901-10Limestone flux and calcareous stone
3211-37BLinen fabrics
3211-37Linen fabrics
3211-37ALinen fabrics
3530-371ALiquefied petroleum gas from natural gas plants
3530-372ALiquefied petroleum gas from petroleum refineries
3811-04BLocksmiths' wares - locks, padlocks, keys
3811-04ALocksmiths' wares - locks, padlocks, keys
3842-04ALocomotives, Diesel
3842-01ALocomotives, electric
3843-15Lorries, including articulated vehicles, assembled
3843-16Lorries, including articulated vehicles, produced
3117-01Macaroni and noodle products, uncooked
3824-13Machinery for making or finishing cellulosic pulp etc.
3823-40Machine-tools for working wood
3720-55Magnesium, unwrought
2302-19MManganese-bearing ores, Mn content
2901-04Marble, travertines, etc.
3115-011Margarine only
3115-01Margarine, imitation lard and other prepared fats
3116-04Meal and groats of all cereals
3111-25Meals, frozen prepared
3111-28Meat, canned
3710-43Medium plates, 3 to 4.75 mm
2302-40MMercury, Hg recovered
3819-01Metal cans for packing food etc. (cap. less than 300 ltrs.)
3823-28Metal-working presses
3511-31Methanal (formaldehyde)
3511-21Methyl alcohol (methanol)
2909-131Mica in book form (sheets and splittings)
2909-132Mica waste and powder
3112-011Milk and cream, condensed (industrial production only)
3112-01Milk and cream, condensed (total production)
3112-041Milk and cream, dried (industrial production)
3112-04Milk and cream, dried (total production)
3822-55Milking machines
3823-16Milling machines (cutters)
3134-01Mineral waters
2302-28MMolybdenum-bearing ores, Mo content
3843-12Motor coaches and buses, assembled
3843-13Motor coaches and buses, produced
3530-07AMotor gasolene
3843-01AMotor vehicle engines, compression-ignition (Diesel engines)
3843-04AMotor vehicle engines, spark-ignition (gasolene fueled)
3844-01Motorcycles, scooters, etc.
3822-38Mowers, animal or tractor-operated and self-propelled
3512-13CMultinutrient fertilizers, K2O content
3512-13AMultinutrient fertilizers, N content
3512-13BMultinutrient fertilizers, P2O5 content
3902-04Musical instruments, string
3902-10Musical instruments, wind
3111-041Mutton and lamb (including goats), fresh (industrial production only)
3111-04Mutton and lamb, fresh (Total production)
3819-13Nails, screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, etc.
2200-10BNatural gas
2200-07ANatural gasolene
2902-04Natural phosphates, gross weight
2902-04MNatural phosphates, P2O5 content
3720-20Nickel, unwrought
2302-04MNickel-bearing ores, Ni content
2302-291MNiobium (Colombium) concentrates
3511-49Nitric acid
3512-00Nitrogenous fertilizers (total production)
3512-01Nitrogenous fertilizers, N content
3513-37Non-cellulosic continuous fibres
3513-04Non-cellulosic staple and tow
3115-28Oil, olive, crude
3115-07Oils and fats of animals, unprocessed
3115-04Oils and fats of aquatic animal origin
3115-34Oils of other vegetable origin, crude
3115-37Oils of other vegetable origin, refined
3699-16AOther concrete products
3699-16BOther concrete products
3710-13Other ferro-alloys
3240-10Other footwear (with soles of wood/cork, & sports & orthopedic shoes of leather)
3213-19Other knitted outer garments
3411-31Other machine-made paper and paperboard, simply finished
3111-19Other meat and edible offals, dried salted or smoked
3111-131Other meat, fresh (industrial production only)
3111-13Other meat, fresh (Total production)
3823-19Other metal-cutting machine-tools
3823-31Other metal-forming machine-tools
3512-07Other phosphatic fertilizers, P2O5 content
3411-22Other printing and writing paper
3841-16AOther sea-going merchant vessels, launched
3841-16BOther sea-going merchant vessels, launched
3829-01Ovens, household, electric & non-electric
3220-04Overcoats, men's and boys'
3412-01Packing containers of paper or paper-board
3521-01APaints, cellulose
3521-07APaints, other
3521-04APaints, water
3824-16Paper-cutting, trimming, stacking machines etc.
3311-22Particle board
3843-07Passenger cars, assembled
3843-10Passenger cars, produced
3117-10Pastry, cakes, and other fine bakers' wares
2909-18Peat for agricultural use
2909-17Peat for fuel
3909-07Pencils, crayons etc.
3849-01Perambulators and push-chairs for babies
3530-31Petroleum coke
3530-28Petroleum wax (paraffin)
3513-16Phenolic and cresylic plastics
3512-03Phosphate fertilizers (total production)
3511-50Phosphoric acid
3529-16Photographic film, sensitized, in rolls
3529-19Photographic paper
3511-38Phthalic anhydride
3710-07Pig iron, foundry
3710-10Pig iron, steel-making
3823-22Planing, shaping and slotting machines
3560-03Plastic footwear
3513-28Polyvinyl chloride
3111-071Pork, fresh (industrial production only)
3111-07Pork, fresh (Total production)
3512-09Potassic fertilizers (total production)
3512-10Potassic fertilizers, K2O content
3111-101Poultry, dressed, fresh (industrial production only)
3111-10Poultry, dressed, fresh (Total production)
3122-01Prepared animal feeds
3529-04Printers' ink
3824-19Printing presses
3411-04Pulp of fibres other than wood
3829-42Pumps for liquids
3832-04Radio receivers
3842-07ARail motor passenger vehicles
3842-13Rail passenger carriages
3710-67Railway track material
3220-07Raincoats, men's and boys'
3220-25Raincoats, women's and girls'
3822-44Rakes, animal or tractor-operated and self-propelled
3118-01Raw sugar
3811-01Razor blades
3118-04Refined sugar
3829-58Refrigerators, domestic
3513-31Regenerated cellulose
3530-22AResidual fuel oils
3843-19Road tractors for tractor-trailer combinations, produced
3823-37Rolling mills for rolling metals
3559-16Rubber footwear
3559-10Rubber, hardened (ebonite and vulcanite in blocks, plates, sheets etc.)
3559-01Rubber, reclaimed
3559-13Rubber, transmission, conveyor, elevatorbelts etc.
3559-07Rubber, unhardened vulcanized piping andtubing
3559-04Rubber, unhardened vulcanized plates, sheets etc.
2903-01Salt, unrefined
2901-13Sand, silica and quartz
3240-16Sandals and similar light footwear (e.g. tennis shoes and bathing slippers)
3610-07ASanitary ceramic fittings (e.g. sinks, wash basins etc.)
3610-07BSanitary ceramic fittings (e.g. sinks, wash basins etc.)
3311-07Sawnwood, broadleaved
3311-04Sawnwood, coniferous
3825-13Scales, industrial
3825-16Scales, other than industrial (retail, commercial and household scales)
3822-26Seeders, planters, transplanters
3710-25Semis for tubes
3829-10Sewing machines
3833-04Shavers and hair clippers, electric
3710-49Sheets under 3 mm, cold-rolled, uncoated
3710-52Sheets under 3 mm, hot-rolled
3710-46Sheets, electrical
3220-34Shirts, men's and boys'
3211-31Silk fabrics
3211-31ASilk fabrics
2302-46MSilver-bearing ores, Ag content
3111-37Skins, goat and sheep, undressed (total production)
3220-28Skirts, slacks and shorts, women's and girls'
3909-10Slide fasteners (zippers)
3213-04Socks and other stockings
3511-66Soda ash
3511-69Sodium silicates
3134-04Soft drinks
3832-34Sound recorders (e.g. tape recorders)
3832-37Sound reproducers (e.g. gramophones, record players etc.)
3115-10Soya bean oil, crude
3115-13Soya bean oil, refined
3710-04Spiegeleisen and ferro-manganese
3824-04Spinning machines
3813-04ASteam generating boilers
3813-04BSteam generating boilers
3821-01ASteam turbines
3821-01BSteam turbines
3710-85Steel castings in the rough state
3710-88Steel forgings
3829-04Stoves, ranges and cookers, household
3119-04Sugar confectionery
3220-10Suits, men's and boys'
3220-31Suits, women's and girls'
2902-10Sulphur, native, (S content)
3511-01Sulphur, recovered as by-product
3511-02Sulphur, recovered from pyrites
3511-47Sulphuric acid
3512-04Superphosphates, P2O5 content
3839-04Switches, electrical
3513-01Synthetic rubber
2909-14Talc, powdered steatite
3841-13BTankers, launched
3841-13ATankers, launched
3813-01ATanks and vats for storage (capacity over 300 litres)
2302-29Tantalum and niobium (colombium) minerals
2302-292MTantalum concentrates
3832-01Television receivers (total production)
3710-01Thomas (basic) slag
3822-49Threshing machines
3691-07BTiles, floor and wall
3691-07ATiles, floor and wall
3691-04BTiles, roofing, made of clay
3691-04ATiles, roofing, made of clay
3720-49Tin, unwrought
3720-491Tin, unwrought, primary
3720-492Tin, unwrought, secondary
2302-16MTin-bearing ores, Sn content
3551-04Tires for agricultural and other off-the-road vehicles
3551-07Tires for bicycles and motorcycles
3551-10Tires for road motor vehicles, excluding bicycle and motorcycle tires
3511-55Titanium oxides
3140-10Tobacco, manufactured (smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff)
3140-01Tobacco, prepared leaf
3620-07AToughened or laminated safety glass
3620-07BToughened or laminated safety glass
3822-61ATractors of 10 HP and over, other than industrial and road tractors
3843-22Trailers and semi-trailers
3831-13ATransformers less than 5 KVA
3831-16ATransformers, 5 KVA and over
3831-16BTransformers, 5 KVA and over
3832-28Transistors (semi-conductor crystals, crystal diodes etc.)
3220-13Trousers, men's and boys'
3839-19ATubes, fluorescent
3710-76Tubes, seamless
3710-79Tubes, welded
2302-25M1Tungsten-bearing ores, W content
3832-011TV receivers: black and white
3832-012TV receivers: colour
3220-37Underwear, men's and boys'
3220-40Underwear, women's and girls'
2302-52MUranium-bearing ores
3833-01Vacuum cleaners
2302-31MVanadium-bearing ores, V content
3511-75Vegetable tanning extracts
3113-22Vegetables, canned or bottled
3113-19Vegetables, frozen
3311-10Veneer sheets
3829-64Washing machines, household
3523-04Washing powder and detergents
3710-91Wheels, wheel centres, tires and axles
3530-16AWhite spirit/industrial spirit
3839-07Wire and cable, insulated
3710-28Wire rods
3710-70Wire, plain
3213-07Women's stockings
3411-07Wood pulp, dissolving grades
3411-01Wood pulp, mechanical
3411-16Wood pulp, semi-chemical
3411-10Wood pulp, sulphate and soda
3411-13Wood pulp, sulphite
3211-04Wool yarn, mixed
3211-07Wool yarn, pure
3211-03Wool yarn, pure and mixed (total)
3211-28AWoven cotton fabrics
3211-28Woven cotton fabrics
3211-28BWoven cotton fabrics
3211-43AWoven fabrics of cellulosic fibres
3211-43BWoven fabrics of cellulosic fibres
3211-43Woven fabrics of cellulosic fibres
3211-46BWoven fabrics of non-cellulosic fibres
3211-46Woven fabrics of non-cellulosic fibres
3211-46AWoven fabrics of non-cellulosic fibres
3211-34BWoven woollen fabrics
3211-34AWoven woollen fabrics
3211-34Woven woollen fabrics
3411-25Wrapping and packaging paper and paperboard
3511-15Xylenes (orthoxylene, metaxylene and paraxylene)
3211-19Yarn of discontinuous (or waste) man-made fibres
3211-25Yarn of other vegetable textile fibres
3511-54Zinc oxide
3720-46Zinc plates, sheets, strip, foil
3720-43Zinc, unwrought (total production)
3720-431Zinc, unwrought, primary
3720-432Zinc, unwrought, secondary
3720-44Zinc-base alloys
2302-13MZinc-bearing ores, Zn content
2302-32Zirconium ore