UN List of Industrial Products

The new List of Industrial Products forms the basis for the data collection on industrial commodity production statistics carried out by the United Nations Statistics Division. The new List was first used in the 2004 data collection cycle (i.e. collection of data on 2004 production). The complete List and general guidelines for the data collection exercise are available on this page.

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11   Coal and lignite; peat
11010-0Hard Coal/3 InfoView data (70 countries, 862 records)
11020-0Briquettes/3 InfoView data (15 countries, 129 records)
11030-1Lignite/3 InfoView data (42 countries, 531 records)
11030-2Lignite briquettes/3 InfoView data (19 countries, 226 records)
11030-XBrown coal/3 Info 
11030-YSub-bituminous coal/3 Info 
11040-0Peat/1 InfoView data (32 countries, 428 records)
12   Crude petroleum and natural gas
12010-0Crude petroleum/3 InfoView data (101 countries, 1309 records)
12020-1Natural gas/3 InfoView data (98 countries, 1287 records)
12020-2Natural gasolene/3 InfoView data (20 countries, 171 records)
13   Uranium and thorium ores
13000-1Uranium ores and concentrates/3 InfoView data (30 countries, 330 records)
14   Metal ores
14100-0Iron ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (68 countries, 898 records)
14210-0Copper ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (73 countries, 872 records)
14220-0Nickel ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 491 records)
14230-0Aluminium ores and concentrates (Bauxite)/1 InfoView data (47 countries, 517 records)
14240-1Gold ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (106 countries, 1192 records)
14240-2Silver ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (77 countries, 820 records)
14240-3Platinum ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (26 countries, 284 records)
14290-1Tin ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (50 countries, 466 records)
14290-2Lead ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (62 countries, 661 records)
14290-3Zinc ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 701 records)
14290-4Chromium ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (45 countries, 506 records)
14290-5Molybdenum ores and concentrates/1 InfoView data (29 countries, 306 records)
15   Stone, sand and clay
15110-0Slate/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 386 records)
15120-0Marble, travertines, etc./1 InfoView data (75 countries, 858 records)
15130-1Granite, sandstone and other monumental or building stone/1 InfoView data (70 countries, 742 records)
15200-0Gypsum; anhydrite; limestone and other calcareous stone InfoView data (67 countries, 853 records)
15310-0Natural sands InfoView data (57 countries, 733 records)
15320-0Gravel and crushed stone/1 InfoView data (98 countries, 1181 records)
15400-0Clays/1 InfoView data (101 countries, 1211 records)
16   Other minerals
16110-1Natural phosphates, P2O5 content/1 InfoView data (58 countries, 703 records)
16110-2Crude potash salts, K2O content/1 InfoView data (29 countries, 322 records)
16190-1Fluorspar/1 InfoView data (44 countries, 519 records)
16190-2Barytes, whether or not calcined/1 InfoView data (57 countries, 624 records)
16200-1Salt and pure sodium chloride/2 InfoView data (126 countries, 1537 records)
16310-0Diamonds and other precious stones, unworked InfoView data (34 countries, 374 records)
16320-1Diamonds, industrial/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 436 records)
16320-2Abrasives, natural/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 558 records)
16330-0Chalk and dolomite/2 InfoView data (42 countries, 560 records)
16390-1Magnesite/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 379 records)
16390-2Graphite, natural/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 384 records)
16390-3Asbestos/1 InfoView data (41 countries, 419 records)
16390-4Quartz crystal, natural/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 396 records)
16390-5Talc and steatite/1 InfoView data (50 countries, 589 records)
17   Electricity, town gas, steam and hot water
17100-0Electrical energy/3 InfoView data (221 countries, 3043 records)
17200-1Coke-oven gas/3 InfoView data (39 countries, 488 records)
17200-2Gasworks gas/3 InfoView data (38 countries, 355 records)
21   Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats
21110-1Beef and veal/1 InfoView data (79 countries, 1040 records)
21110-2Pork/1 InfoView data (70 countries, 990 records)
21110-3Mutton and lamb/1 InfoView data (62 countries, 765 records)
21120-1Poultry, dressed/1 InfoView data (76 countries, 1005 records)
21131-1Bacon, ham and other dried, salted or smoked pig meat/1 InfoView data (63 countries, 846 records)
21132-1Sausages and similar products of meat/1 InfoView data (73 countries, 1060 records)
21220-0Fish, fish fillets, other fish meat and fish livers and roes, frozen/1 InfoView data (161 countries, 1568 records)
21230-0Fish, dried, salted or in brine; smoked fish; edible fish meal InfoView data (75 countries, 899 records)
21240-0Fish, otherwise prepared or preserved; caviar/1 InfoView data (112 countries, 1265 records)
21310-0Vegetables, frozen/1 InfoView data (57 countries, 756 records)
21400-0Fruit and vegetable juices, frozen or not InfoView data (17 countries, 145 records)
21400-1Fruit and vegetable juices, concentrated, frozen or not/1 InfoView data (66 countries, 818 records)
21400-2Fruit and vegetable juices, unconcentrated, frozen or not/1 InfoView data (59 countries, 736 records)
21510-0Fruits, frozen/1 InfoView data (46 countries, 562 records)
21520-0Jams, fruit jellies and fruit or nut puree and pastes/2 InfoView data (72 countries, 959 records)
21610-0Fats of bovine animals, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry; wool grease InfoView data (41 countries, 513 records)
21620-0Other animal oils and fats InfoView data (34 countries, 375 records)
21630-1Oil, soya-bean, crude/1 InfoView data (97 countries, 1304 records)
21630-2Oil, cotton-seed, crude/1 InfoView data (107 countries, 1397 records)
21630-3Oil, olive, virgin/1 InfoView data (49 countries, 669 records)
21630-4Oil, groundnut, crude InfoView data (99 countries, 1237 records)
21650-1Oil, soya-bean,refined/1 InfoView data (52 countries, 606 records)
21650-2Oil, cotton-seed, refined/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 498 records)
21650-3Oil, olive, refined InfoView data (26 countries, 284 records)
21660-0Oil, corn, crude or refined InfoView data (69 countries, 871 records)
21680-1Margarine and similar preparations/1 InfoView data (73 countries, 822 records)
22   Dairy products
22110-0Processed liquid milk InfoView data (73 countries, 971 records)
22120-0Cream InfoView data (47 countries, 688 records)
22910-0Milk and cream in solid forms/2 InfoView data (75 countries, 1014 records)
22920-0Milk and cream, condensed (industrial production)/2 InfoView data (60 countries, 663 records)
22930-0Yoghurt and other fermented or acidified milk and cream InfoView data (61 countries, 728 records)
22940-0Butter and other fats and oils derived from milk/1 InfoView data (77 countries, 1018 records)
22950-0Cheese and curd/2 InfoView data (81 countries, 1107 records)
22970-0Ice cream and other edible ice/2 InfoView data (80 countries, 1063 records)
23   Grain mill products, starches and starch products; other food products
23110-0Wheat or meslin flour/1 InfoView data (175 countries, 1914 records)
23120-0Cereal flours other than of wheat or meslin/1 InfoView data (57 countries, 676 records)
23120-1Maize (corn) flour InfoView data (54 countries, 572 records)
23130-0Groats, meal and pellets of wheat and other cereals/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 704 records)
23150-0Other cereal grain products (including corn flakes) InfoView data (48 countries, 612 records)
23160-0Rice, semi- or wholly milled InfoView data (59 countries, 682 records)
23310-0Preparations used in animal feeding/1 InfoView data (95 countries, 1204 records)
23410-0Crispbread; rusks, toasted bread and similar toasted products InfoView data (49 countries, 618 records)
23420-0Gingerbread and the like; sweet biscuits; waffles and wafers InfoView data (58 countries, 722 records)
23430-0Other bread and other bakers' wares InfoView data (57 countries, 681 records)
23500-1Refined sugar/2 InfoView data (158 countries, 1619 records)
23510-0Raw sugar/1 InfoView data (146 countries, 1867 records)
23600-1Chocolate and chocolate products/1 InfoView data (74 countries, 955 records)
23620-0Cocoa butter/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 409 records)
23630-0Cocoa powder, not sweetened/1 InfoView data (52 countries, 548 records)
23670-1Sugar confectionery not containing cocoa/1 InfoView data (80 countries, 1023 records)
23710-0Uncooked pasta/1 InfoView data (77 countries, 1002 records)
23720-0Pasta, prepared; couscous/2 InfoView data (51 countries, 625 records)
23911-0Coffee, decaffeinated or roasted InfoView data (54 countries, 643 records)
23912-1Coffee extracts, essences and concentrates and their preparations/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 587 records)
23913-0Tea InfoView data (70 countries, 924 records)
23991-1Homogenised composite food preparations InfoView data (32 countries, 343 records)
23994-0Vinegar/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 727 records)
24   Beverages
24100-1Ethyl alcohol denatured or not and other spirits denatured of any strength/1 InfoView data (68 countries, 845 records)
24130-0Spirits, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages/1 InfoView data (92 countries, 1100 records)
24210-0Wine and grape must/2 InfoView data (95 countries, 1826 records)
24310-0Beer/1 InfoView data (123 countries, 1583 records)
24320-0Malt, whether or not roasted/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 642 records)
24410-0Mineral waters and aerated waters/1 InfoView data (91 countries, 1173 records)
24490-0Soft drinks, excluding water and fruit juices/1 InfoView data (120 countries, 1508 records)
25   Tobacco products
25010-1Cigarettes containing tobacco/1 InfoView data (116 countries, 1377 records)
25090-0Tobacco, manufactured (smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff)/1 InfoView data (70 countries, 779 records)
26   Yarn and thread; woven and tufted textile fabrics
26110-0Raw silk (not thrown) InfoView data (39 countries, 532 records)
26130-0Wool, degreased not carbonized, not carded or combed InfoView data (32 countries, 331 records)
26150-0Wool, carded or combed InfoView data (28 countries, 213 records)
26300-1Yarn of wool InfoView data (53 countries, 640 records)
26300-2Cotton yarn (other than sewing thread) InfoView data (72 countries, 864 records)
26310-0Silk yarn and yarn spun from silk waste; silk-worm gut InfoView data (27 countries, 285 records)
26350-0Cotton sewing thread InfoView data (35 countries, 366 records)
26400-1Yarn (other than sewing thread) of synthetic or artificial staple fibres/1 InfoView data (50 countries, 667 records)
26410-0Sewing thread of man-made filaments or staple fibers InfoView data (27 countries, 264 records)
26420-0Other man-made filament yarn (except single, high tenacity or textured yarn) InfoView data (31 countries, 316 records)
26500-1Woven woolen fabrics InfoView data (45 countries, 617 records)
26510-0Woven fabrics of silk or of silk waste/2 InfoView data (48 countries, 591 records)
26560-0Woven fabrics of flax InfoView data (32 countries, 431 records)
26600-0Woven fabrics of cotton InfoView data (63 countries, 906 records)
26700-0Woven fabrics of man-made filaments and staple fibers InfoView data (41 countries, 606 records)
26800-1Woven pile fabrics and chenille fabrics InfoView data (25 countries, 335 records)
26890-0Woven fabrics (including narrow fabrics) of glass fibers InfoView data (20 countries, 320 records)
27   Textile articles other than apparel
27110-0Blankets and traveling rugs (except electric blankets)/1 InfoView data (75 countries, 916 records)
27120-1Bed linen/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 777 records)
27120-2Toilet and kitchen linen/2 InfoView data (55 countries, 550 records)
27120-3Table linen, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (34 countries, 396 records)
27130-0Curtains (including drapes) and interior blinds; curtain or bed valances InfoView data (42 countries, 368 records)
27150-0Sacks and bags of a kind used for the packing of goods InfoView data (39 countries, 407 records)
27160-0Tarpaulins, sails for boats etc., awnings, sunblinds, tents and camping goods InfoView data (38 countries, 426 records)
27210-0Carpets and other textile floor coverings, knotted/2 InfoView data (60 countries, 609 records)
27220-0Carpets and other textile floor coverings, woven, not tufted or flocked InfoView data (40 countries, 502 records)
27230-0Carpets and other textile floor coverings, tufted InfoView data (37 countries, 416 records)
27310-0Twine, cordage, rope and cables/1 InfoView data (57 countries, 696 records)
27911-0Narrow woven fabrics; labels, badges and similar articles of textile materials InfoView data (39 countries, 382 records)
27922-0Nonwoven textiles InfoView data (40 countries, 560 records)
27991-0Wadding of textile materials and articles thereof; flock, textile dust and mill neps InfoView data (33 countries, 372 records)
27996-0Tyre cord fabric of high tenacity yarn InfoView data (24 countries, 281 records)
27998-0Textile products and articles for technical uses InfoView data (27 countries, 318 records)
28   Knitted or crocheted fabrics; wearing apparel
28100-0Knitted or crocheted fabrics/1 InfoView data (59 countries, 778 records)
28210-1Panty hose and tights, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (39 countries, 500 records)
28210-2Socks, stockings and other women's hosiery, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (50 countries, 610 records)
28221-0Men's or boys' suits, coats, jackets, trousers and the like, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (41 countries, 497 records)
28222-0Men's or boys' shirts, underpants, pyjamas and similar articles, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (42 countries, 578 records)
28223-0Women's or girls' suits, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers and the like, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (42 countries, 545 records)
28224-0Women's or girls' blouses, shirts, panties, nightdresses and similar articles, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (39 countries, 584 records)
28225-0T-shirts, singlets and other vests, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (47 countries, 608 records)
28226-0Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans and similar articles, knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 758 records)
28227-0Babies' garments and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (37 countries, 412 records)
28228-1Track suits, ski suits, swimwear, knitted or crocheted InfoView data (40 countries, 520 records)
28231-0Men's or boys' suits, coats, jackets, trousers and the like, not knitted or crocheted InfoView data (50 countries, 661 records)
28232-1Men's or boys' shirts, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (69 countries, 906 records)
28232-2Men's or boys' underwear and similar articles, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (59 countries, 771 records)
28233-1Skirts, slacks and shorts, women's and girls, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (61 countries, 839 records)
28233-2Suits, women's and girls, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 739 records)
28233-3Dresses, women's and girls, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (62 countries, 867 records)
28234-1Women's or girls' blouses, shirts and shirts-blouses, not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (67 countries, 921 records)
28234-2Underwear and similar articles, women's or girls', not knitted or crocheted/1 InfoView data (51 countries, 680 records)
28235-0Babies' garments and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted InfoView data (44 countries, 458 records)
28237-1Brassieres, girdles, corsets, whether or not knitted or crocheted InfoView data (40 countries, 551 records)
28241-0Apparel of leather or of composition leather InfoView data (43 countries, 529 records)
28242-1Belts and bandoliers, of leather or composition leather InfoView data (38 countries, 413 records)
28242-2Gloves, mittens and mitts, of leather or composition leather (excl. for sport) InfoView data (36 countries, 481 records)
28260-1Hats and other headgear InfoView data (42 countries, 496 records)
29   Leather and leather products; footwear
29110-0Chamois leather; patent leather and patent laminated leather; metallised leather InfoView data (24 countries, 202 records)
29120-0Other leather, of bovine or equine animals, without hair on InfoView data (34 countries, 358 records)
29130-1Composition leather InfoView data (21 countries, 210 records)
29130-2Other leather, without hair on (including sheep, lamb, goat or kid skin leather) InfoView data (32 countries, 305 records)
29220-1Luggage, handbags and similar articles InfoView data (49 countries, 626 records)
29310-0Waterproof footwear of rubber or plastics InfoView data (39 countries, 470 records)
29320-0Footwear of rubber or plastics, other than waterproof InfoView data (42 countries, 492 records)
29330-0Footwear with uppers of leather InfoView data (62 countries, 799 records)
29340-0Footwear with uppers of textile materials InfoView data (46 countries, 556 records)
29410-0Ski-boots, snowboard boots and cross-country ski footwear InfoView data (21 countries, 253 records)
29420-0Tennis shoes, basketball shoes, gym shoes, training shoes and the like InfoView data (40 countries, 388 records)
31   Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
31000-1Sawnwood, non-coniferous/1 InfoView data (163 countries, 2418 records)
31000-2Sawnwood, coniferous/1 InfoView data (129 countries, 1882 records)
31310-0Wood in the rough, treated with preservatives InfoView data (33 countries, 394 records)
31320-0Railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties) of wood, impregnated InfoView data (28 countries, 298 records)
31400-1Plywood/1 InfoView data (125 countries, 1886 records)
31430-0Particle board and similar board of wood or other ligneous materials/1 InfoView data (125 countries, 1724 records)
31440-0Fiber board of wood or other ligneous materials/2 InfoView data (88 countries, 1245 records)
31510-0Veneer sheets and sheets for plywood and other wood sawn lengthwise/1 InfoView data (118 countries, 1667 records)
31600-0Builders' joinery and carpentry of wood InfoView data (43 countries, 484 records)
31700-0Packing cases, boxes, casks, barrels and similar articles of wood InfoView data (50 countries, 583 records)
31922-0Articles of natural cork; agglomerated cork and articles thereof InfoView data (28 countries, 276 records)
31923-0Manufactures of straw, of esparto or of other plaiting materials; basketware and wickerwork InfoView data (25 countries, 256 records)
32   Pulp, paper and paper products; printed matter and related articles
32000-1Newspapers, journals and periodicals, printed InfoView data (49 countries, 499 records)
32000-2Printed newspapers, journals and periodicals InfoView data (14 countries, 66 records)
32111-0Chemical wood pulp, dissolving grades/1 InfoView data (67 countries, 745 records)
32112-1Chemical wood pulp, soda and sulphate, other than dissolving grades/1 InfoView data (80 countries, 1010 records)
32112-2Chemical wood pulp, sulphite, other than dissolving grades/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 771 records)
32113-1Semi-chemical wood pulp, pulp of fibers other than wood InfoView data (76 countries, 834 records)
32121-0Newsprint/1 InfoView data (92 countries, 1188 records)
32131-0Toilet or facial tissue stock, towel and similar paper, cellulose wadding/1 Info 
32132-0Kraftliner, uncoated InfoView data (32 countries, 319 records)
32141-0Composite paper and paperboard, not surface-coated or impregnated InfoView data (31 countries, 366 records)
32143-0Paper and paperboard coated with kaolin or with other inorganic substances InfoView data (30 countries, 372 records)
32149-0Copy paper; other paper and paperboard, coated, impregnated, covered or printed InfoView data (34 countries, 376 records)
32150-1Sacks and bags of paper and other packing containers of paper or paper-board/1 InfoView data (116 countries, 1672 records)
32151-0Corrugated paper and paperboard InfoView data (48 countries, 576 records)
32193-0Household and sanitary paper InfoView data (106 countries, 1383 records)
32197-0Labels of paper or paperboard InfoView data (42 countries, 519 records)
32200-1Books, brochures and similar printed matter; children's books, in print InfoView data (48 countries, 522 records)
32200-2Printed books, brochures and similar printed matter InfoView data (14 countries, 64 records)
32500-1Calendars, advertising material and the like, transfers (decalcomanias), designs and photographs, printed InfoView data (41 countries, 377 records)
32500-2Printed calendars, trade advertising material, commercial catalogues and the like, transfers (decalcomanias), pictures, designs and photographs InfoView data (15 countries, 59 records)
32520-0Printed or illustrated postcards and printed cards InfoView data (39 countries, 329 records)
32520-2Printed cards and postcards InfoView data (14 countries, 62 records)
32600-0Account books, note books, diaries, binders, forms and other articles of stationary InfoView data (47 countries, 527 records)
33   Coke oven products; refined petroleum products; nuclear fuel
33100-0Coke/3 InfoView data (47 countries, 585 records)
33300-1Jet fuels/3 InfoView data (111 countries, 1424 records)
33310-1Aviation gasoline/3 InfoView data (46 countries, 470 records)
33310-2Motor gasoline/3 InfoView data (121 countries, 1569 records)
33330-0Naphthas/3 InfoView data (81 countries, 1054 records)
33340-1Kerosene/3 InfoView data (116 countries, 1381 records)
33350-0White spirit/industrial spirit/3 InfoView data (52 countries, 575 records)
33360-0Gas-diesel oil (distillate fuel oil)/3 InfoView data (123 countries, 1603 records)
33370-0Residual fuel oils/3 InfoView data (123 countries, 1591 records)
33380-0Lubricants/3 InfoView data (84 countries, 942 records)
33400-1Liquefied petroleum gas, from natural gas plants/3 InfoView data (45 countries, 579 records)
33400-2Liquefied petroleum gas from petroleum refineries/3 InfoView data (113 countries, 1458 records)
33500-1Petroleum wax (paraffin)/3 InfoView data (41 countries, 473 records)
33500-2Petroleum coke/3 InfoView data (46 countries, 568 records)
33500-3Bitumen (asphalt)/3 InfoView data (91 countries, 1140 records)
34   Basic chemicals
34110-1Acyclic hydrocarbons InfoView data (34 countries, 377 records)
34110-2Cyclic hydrocarbons InfoView data (29 countries, 326 records)
34110-3Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons InfoView data (24 countries, 310 records)
34130-1Alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives InfoView data (32 countries, 378 records)
34130-2Phenols, phenol-alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives InfoView data (24 countries, 299 records)
34140-1Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides and other derivatives InfoView data (28 countries, 316 records)
34140-2Polycarboxylic acids, their anhydrides and other derivatives InfoView data (22 countries, 256 records)
34150-1Amine-function compounds InfoView data (23 countries, 314 records)
34150-2Oxygen-function amino-compounds InfoView data (20 countries, 241 records)
34160-1Organo-sulphur compounds and other organo-inorganic compounds InfoView data (22 countries, 294 records)
34160-2Heterocyclic nitrogen compounds containing an unfused pyridine ring InfoView data (17 countries, 239 records)
34160-3Lactams from heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen hetero-atom(s) only InfoView data (18 countries, 207 records)
34160-4Nucleic acids and their salts, and other heterocyclic compounds InfoView data (20 countries, 283 records)
34170-1Ethers and peroxide derivatives InfoView data (22 countries, 261 records)
34170-2Ketones, quinones and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives InfoView data (23 countries, 261 records)
34220-1Iron oxides and hydroxides; earth colours InfoView data (27 countries, 262 records)
34230-1Caustic soda/1 InfoView data (60 countries, 714 records)
34240-1Carbonates and peroxocarbonates except ammonium carbonates InfoView data (27 countries, 286 records)
34310-0Synthetic organic coloring matter and preparations/1 InfoView data (37 countries, 529 records)
34340-1Pigments and preparations based on titanium dioxide, used as colouring matter InfoView data (23 countries, 240 records)
34540-1Oils and other products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar InfoView data (23 countries, 321 records)
34610-1Potassic fertilizers, mineral or chemical InfoView data (9 countries, 60 records)
34613-0Nitrogenous fertilizers, mineral or chemical InfoView data (44 countries, 492 records)
34615-0Potassic fertilizers, mineral or chemical (except crude potash salts) InfoView data (31 countries, 357 records)
34619-1Multi-nutrient fertilizers InfoView data (39 countries, 398 records)
34620-0Pesticides/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 744 records)
34710-1Polyethylene having a specific gravity of less than 0.94, in primary forms InfoView data (35 countries, 386 records)
34710-2Polyethylene having a specific gravity of 0.94 or more, in primary forms InfoView data (24 countries, 305 records)
34720-1Polystyrene, in primary forms InfoView data (37 countries, 414 records)
34720-2Styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) copolymers InfoView data (25 countries, 263 records)
34730-1Polyvinyl chloride, in primary forms/1 InfoView data (41 countries, 547 records)
34740-1Polycarbonates, in primary forms InfoView data (27 countries, 300 records)
34740-2Poly(ethylene terephthalate), in primary forms InfoView data (25 countries, 242 records)
34790-1Polypropylene, in primary forms/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 524 records)
34790-2Acrylic polymers in primary forms InfoView data (27 countries, 332 records)
34790-3Polyamides in primary forms InfoView data (28 countries, 363 records)
34790-4Amino-resins, phenolic resins and polyurethanes, in primary forms InfoView data (37 countries, 458 records)
34790-5Silicones in primary forms InfoView data (23 countries, 245 records)
34800-0Synthetic rubber/1 InfoView data (51 countries, 665 records)
35   Other chemical products; man-made fibres
35110-1Paints and varnishes dispersed or dissolved in a non-aqueous medium InfoView data (61 countries, 759 records)
35110-2Paints and varnishes dispersed or dissolved in an aqueous medium/1 InfoView data (69 countries, 929 records)
35130-0Printing ink/1 InfoView data (47 countries, 598 records)
35220-1Carboxyamide- and amide-function compounds of carbonic acid InfoView data (22 countries, 261 records)
35230-0Lactones n.e.c., heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen hetero-atom(s) only InfoView data (21 countries, 253 records)
35250-1Provitamins and vitamins InfoView data (33 countries, 323 records)
35250-2Hormones, prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes, derivatives and structural analogues thereof InfoView data (19 countries, 195 records)
35250-3Antibiotics InfoView data (30 countries, 324 records)
35260-1Medicaments containing penicillins or derivatives thereof, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (27 countries, 154 records)
35260-10Other medicaments for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (25 countries, 184 records)
35260-11Medicaments of alkaloids or derivatives thereof, p.r.s. InfoView data (23 countries, 176 records)
35260-12Medicaments containing vitamins, provitamins, p.r.s. InfoView data (23 countries, 180 records)
35260-13Other medicaments of mixed or unmixed products, p.r.s. InfoView data (28 countries, 233 records)
35260-2Medicaments of other antibiotics, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (23 countries, 132 records)
35260-3Medicaments of penicillins, streptomycins or deriv. thereof, p.r.s. InfoView data (21 countries, 160 records)
35260-4Medicaments of other antibiotics, p.r.s. InfoView data (24 countries, 210 records)
35260-5Medicaments containing insulin but not antibiotics, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (18 countries, 96 records)
35260-6Medicaments containing hormones but not insulin or antibiotics, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (19 countries, 106 records)
35260-7Medicaments containing insulin but not antibiotics, p.r.s. InfoView data (17 countries, 101 records)
35260-8Medicaments containing corticosteroid hormones and other hormones except insulin, p.r.s. InfoView data (24 countries, 146 records)
35260-9Medicaments of alkaloids or derivatives thereof, n.p.r.s. InfoView data (18 countries, 107 records)
35290-1Antisera and other blood fractions and modified immunological products InfoView data (21 countries, 141 records)
35290-2Vaccines for human medicine InfoView data (19 countries, 132 records)
35300-1Organic surface active agents (except soap); detergents and washing preparations/1 InfoView data (87 countries, 1067 records)
35321-0Soap; paper, wadding, and similar, covered with soap or detergent/1 InfoView data (112 countries, 1310 records)
35323-1Perfumes and toilet waters InfoView data (44 countries, 482 records)
35323-2Skin care preparations, including sunscreen InfoView data (39 countries, 322 records)
35323-3Preparations for use on the hair InfoView data (39 countries, 319 records)
35410-1Mixtures of odoriferous substances and their preparations InfoView data (30 countries, 386 records)
35430-1Prepared additives for mineral oils (including gasoline) InfoView data (31 countries, 343 records)
35450-1Prepared explosives, other than propellent powders/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 462 records)
35470-0Chemical elements and compounds doped for use in electronics InfoView data (19 countries, 180 records)
35510-0Synthetic filament tow and staple fibers, not carded or combed/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 602 records)
35520-0Synthetic filament yarn (except sewing thread and multiple or cabled yarn), n.p.r.s./1 InfoView data (64 countries, 660 records)
35540-0Artificial filament tow and staple fibers, not carded or combed/1 InfoView data (40 countries, 396 records)
35550-0Artificial filament yarn (except sewing thread and multiple or cabled yarn), n.p.r.s./1 InfoView data (40 countries, 394 records)
36   Rubber and plastics products
36111-0Tyres for motor cars InfoView data (51 countries, 640 records)
36112-0Tyres for motorcycles and bicycles/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 441 records)
36113-1Tyres, for buses and lorries InfoView data (44 countries, 501 records)
36113-2Tyres for agricultural and other off-the-road vehicles/1 InfoView data (40 countries, 498 records)
36220-0Unvulcanized rubber and articles thereof InfoView data (39 countries, 487 records)
36230-0Tubes, pipes and hoses of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber/1 InfoView data (41 countries, 526 records)
36240-0Conveyor or transmission belts or belting, of vulcanized rubber/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 477 records)
36320-0Tubes, pipes and hoses, and fittings therefor, of plastics InfoView data (55 countries, 659 records)
36410-0Sacks and bags, of plastics InfoView data (52 countries, 688 records)
36490-1Boxes, cases, crates and similar packing articles, of plastics InfoView data (45 countries, 615 records)
36490-2Carboys, bottles and similar articles of plastics InfoView data (39 countries, 575 records)
36490-3Spools, cops and similar supports of plastics; stoppers, lids, caps and other closures of plastics InfoView data (33 countries, 425 records)
36910-0Floor coverings of plastics, wall or ceiling coverings of plastics InfoView data (37 countries, 412 records)
36920-0Self-adhesive plates, sheets and other flat shapes, of plastics InfoView data (33 countries, 390 records)
36930-0Plastic sanitary ware (baths, wash-basins etc.) InfoView data (40 countries, 521 records)
36940-0Household articles and toilet articles, of plastics InfoView data (44 countries, 541 records)
36980-0Electrical insulating fittings of plastics InfoView data (29 countries, 373 records)
36990-1Office or school supplies of plastics InfoView data (36 countries, 422 records)
37   Glass and glass products and other non-metallic products n.e.c.
37112-1Drawn glass and blown glass, in sheets/1 InfoView data (44 countries, 499 records)
37115-0Safety glass/1 InfoView data (49 countries, 568 records)
37121-0Slivers, rovings, yarn and chopped strands, of glass InfoView data (26 countries, 344 records)
37129-0Voiles, webs, mats and other articles of glass fibers except woven fabrics InfoView data (37 countries, 415 records)
37191-0Bottles, jars and other containers of glass/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 881 records)
37210-0Sanitary ceramic fittings/1 InfoView data (52 countries, 664 records)
37221-0Ceramic household articles and toilet articles InfoView data (45 countries, 492 records)
37350-1Building bricks, made of clay/1 InfoView data (77 countries, 1144 records)
37350-2Tiles, roofing, made of clay/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 657 records)
37370-0Ceramic flags and paving, hearth or wall tiles; ceramic mosaic cubes and the like/1 InfoView data (62 countries, 717 records)
37420-0Quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime/1 InfoView data (94 countries, 1172 records)
37440-0Cement, except in the form of clinkers/1 InfoView data (156 countries, 2092 records)
37530-0Articles of plaster or of compositions based on plaster InfoView data (42 countries, 408 records)
37540-0Tiles, flagstones, bricks and similar articles, of cement, concrete or artificial stone/2 InfoView data (69 countries, 924 records)
37550-0Pre-fabricated structural components for construction, of cement, concrete or artificial stone InfoView data (50 countries, 627 records)
37570-0Articles of asbestos-cement, cellulose fibre-cement or the like/1 InfoView data (56 countries, 587 records)
38   Furniture; other transportable goods n.e.c.
38110-0Seats InfoView data (47 countries, 606 records)
38121-0Metal furniture of a kind used in offices, other than seats InfoView data (42 countries, 556 records)
38122-0Wooden furniture of a kind used in offices, other than seats InfoView data (42 countries, 572 records)
38130-0Wooden furniture of a kind used in the kitchen, other than seats InfoView data (46 countries, 620 records)
38140-1Wooden furniture of a kind used in the bedroom InfoView data (46 countries, 617 records)
38140-2Furniture of plastic InfoView data (34 countries, 385 records)
38140-3Complete and assembled domestic furniture, metal or predominantly metal InfoView data (35 countries, 555 records)
38150-1Mattresses/1 InfoView data (63 countries, 789 records)
38220-0Cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, and similar InfoView data (24 countries, 209 records)
38240-1Articles of jewellery and goldsmiths' or silversmiths' wares InfoView data (36 countries, 286 records)
38240-2Articles of natural or cultured pearls InfoView data (19 countries, 189 records)
38310-0Pianos and other keyboard stringed musical instruments/2 InfoView data (26 countries, 293 records)
38320-0Other stringed musical instruments/1 InfoView data (31 countries, 322 records)
38410-0Snow-skis and other snow-ski equipment, ice-skates and roller-skates InfoView data (24 countries, 210 records)
38430-0Gymnasium or athletics articles and equipment InfoView data (27 countries, 219 records)
38440-1Golf clubs and other golf equipment InfoView data (21 countries, 130 records)
38450-0Fishing rods and other line fishing tackle; landing nets, butterfly nets and similar InfoView data (26 countries, 168 records)
38520-0Dolls representing human beings; toys representing animals or non-human creatures/2 InfoView data (39 countries, 455 records)
38580-0Video games of a kind used with a television receiver InfoView data (23 countries, 240 records)
38700-0Prefabricated buildings InfoView data (31 countries, 294 records)
38911-1Pens, stylos, pen-holders, pencil-holders and similar holders/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 463 records)
38911-2Pencils, crayons, pencil leads, pastels, drawing charcoals and chalks/1 InfoView data (33 countries, 299 records)
38921-0Umbrellas, sun-umbrellas, walking-sticks, seat-sticks and the like InfoView data (33 countries, 335 records)
38997-0Imitation jewelry InfoView data (28 countries, 319 records)
41   Basic metals
41111-0Pig iron and spiegeleisen InfoView data (59 countries, 854 records)
41112-0Ferro-manganese InfoView data (25 countries, 292 records)
41113-0Ferro-chromium/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 436 records)
41115-1Ferro-silicon/1 InfoView data (48 countries, 517 records)
41120-0Crude steel and steel semi-finished products InfoView data (100 countries, 1466 records)
41210-0Flat-rolled products of iron or steel, not further worked than hot-rolled InfoView data (60 countries, 806 records)
41220-0Flat-rolled products of iron or steel, not further worked than cold-rolled InfoView data (29 countries, 384 records)
41232-1Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, plated or coated with tin/1 InfoView data (44 countries, 550 records)
41232-2Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, plated or coated with zinc (galvanized sheets)/1 InfoView data (60 countries, 725 records)
41232-3Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, plated or coated with lead InfoView data (15 countries, 123 records)
41232-4Other flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, clad, plated or coated InfoView data (20 countries, 222 records)
41233-0Flat-rolled products of silicon-electrical steel/1 InfoView data (34 countries, 406 records)
41240-0Bars and rods of iron or steel, hot-rolled InfoView data (60 countries, 733 records)
41240-1Wire rods/2 InfoView data (67 countries, 842 records)
41251-0Angles, shapes and sections, of iron or non-alloy steel InfoView data (60 countries, 752 records)
41252-0Sheet piling, shapes and sections, of iron or steel InfoView data (22 countries, 287 records)
41253-0Railway or tramway track construction material of iron or steel/1 InfoView data (35 countries, 461 records)
41260-1Wire of iron or non-alloy steel, stainless steel or other alloy steel/1 InfoView data (73 countries, 917 records)
41265-0Angles, shapes and sections of stainless steel or other alloy steel InfoView data (22 countries, 225 records)
41270-1Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, of iron or steel InfoView data (43 countries, 503 records)
41278-0Tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel InfoView data (69 countries, 842 records)
41310-0Silver, including silver plated with gold or platinum InfoView data (26 countries, 293 records)
41320-0Gold including gold plated with platinum InfoView data (25 countries, 299 records)
41330-0Platinum, unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms InfoView data (16 countries, 185 records)
41412-0Unrefined copper; copper anodes for electrolytic refining/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 555 records)
41413-1Refined copper; unwrought, not alloyed/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 624 records)
41422-0Nickel, unwrought/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 398 records)
41431-1Aluminum, unwrought, not alloyed/1 InfoView data (61 countries, 708 records)
41432-0Alumina (aluminum oxide), except artificial corundum/1 InfoView data (40 countries, 495 records)
41441-1Refined lead, unwrought/1 InfoView data (66 countries, 757 records)
41442-1Zinc, unwrought, not alloyed/1 InfoView data (48 countries, 575 records)
41532-0Bars, rods and profiles, of aluminium InfoView data (40 countries, 473 records)
41536-0Tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings, of aluminium InfoView data (29 countries, 337 records)
41600-1Cadmium and articles thereof InfoView data (36 countries, 303 records)
42   Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
42110-0Bridges, bridge sections, towers and lattice masts, of iron or steel InfoView data (37 countries, 484 records)
42120-0Doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors, of iron, steel or aluminium InfoView data (43 countries, 557 records)
42190-1Equipment for scaffolding, shuttering, propping or pit propping InfoView data (37 countries, 482 records)
42190-2Other structures, plates, shapes and the like, for use in construction InfoView data (38 countries, 541 records)
42200-0Containers for compressed or liquefied gas; other metal containers (>300 litres) InfoView data (44 countries, 538 records)
42913-0Knives (except for machines) and scissors; blades therefor InfoView data (30 countries, 355 records)
42916-0Spoons, forks, ladles, butter-knives, sugar-tongs and similar kitchen or tableware InfoView data (38 countries, 416 records)
42921-0Hand tools InfoView data (36 countries, 462 records)
42922-1Interchangeable tools for hand tools, whether or not power-operated or for machine-tools InfoView data (34 countries, 472 records)
42922-2Knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances InfoView data (31 countries, 437 records)
42922-3Plates, sticks, tips and the like for tools, unmounted, of cermets InfoView data (23 countries, 252 records)
42931-0Containers (other than for compressed or liquefied gas) of iron, steel or aluminum (≤300 litres) InfoView data (41 countries, 421 records)
42940-1Cables/1 InfoView data (54 countries, 672 records)
42944-0Nails, tacks, staples, screws, bolts and similar articles/2 InfoView data (63 countries, 799 records)
42945-1Springs and leaves for springs, of iron or steel InfoView data (38 countries, 465 records)
42992-1Padlocks, locks and keys of base metal; base metal fittings for furniture, doors, and the like InfoView data (38 countries, 443 records)
42999-1Metal advertising signs, name plates and sign plates (non-electric) InfoView data (41 countries, 471 records)
43   General-purpose machinery
43110-1Internal combustion engines, excluding diesel, other than for motor vehicles and aircraft/1 InfoView data (30 countries, 351 records)
43110-2Diesel engines, other than for motor vehicles and aircraft/1 InfoView data (41 countries, 549 records)
43120-1Motor vehicle engines, spark-ignition/1 InfoView data (26 countries, 311 records)
43123-0Motor vehicles compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines InfoView data (23 countries, 288 records)
43131-0Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines, for aircraft InfoView data (17 countries, 173 records)
43132-1Turbo-jets of a thrust not exceeding 25 kN InfoView data (18 countries, 210 records)
43132-2Turbo-jets of a thrust exceeding 25 kN InfoView data (17 countries, 156 records)
43132-3Turbo-propellers of a power not exceeding 1,100 kW InfoView data (16 countries, 184 records)
43132-4Turbo-propellers of a power exceeding 1,100 kW InfoView data (17 countries, 201 records)
43134-1Aircraft launching gear, deck-arrestor or similar gear and parts thereof InfoView data (18 countries, 180 records)
43141-0Steam turbines and other vapor turbines InfoView data (22 countries, 335 records)
43220-0Pumps for liquids; liquid elevators/2 InfoView data (58 countries, 739 records)
43230-0Air or vacuum pumps; air or other gas compressors/1 InfoView data (48 countries, 648 records)
43240-1Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, tanks, vats or the like InfoView data (38 countries, 484 records)
43310-0Ball or roller bearings/1 InfoView data (36 countries, 514 records)
43320-0Transmission shafts, plain shaft bearings, gears, articulated link chain and similar InfoView data (37 countries, 380 records)
43410-0Furnace burners; mechanical stokers, mechanical grates and similar appliances InfoView data (33 countries, 369 records)
43520-0Derricks, cranes, mobile lifting frames, straddle carriers and works trucks fitted with a crane/1 InfoView data (50 countries, 617 records)
43530-0Fork-lift trucks and similar equipment InfoView data (35 countries, 435 records)
43540-1Escalators and moving walkways InfoView data (28 countries, 236 records)
43540-2Lifts and skip hoists/1 InfoView data (44 countries, 575 records)
43912-0Air conditioning machines/1 InfoView data (55 countries, 641 records)
43913-0Industrial refrigerating and freezing equipment/1 InfoView data (48 countries, 640 records)
44   Special-purpose machinery
44100-1Tractors, including pedestrian controlled InfoView data (38 countries, 478 records)
44100-2Mowers, whether worked by hand or motor driven, animal- or vehicle-operated/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 477 records)
44110-1Ploughs for agricultural purposes/1 InfoView data (55 countries, 625 records)
44110-2Seeders, planters, transplanters/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 525 records)
44110-3Manure spreaders and fertilizer distributors/1 InfoView data (35 countries, 485 records)
44130-1Combine harvester-threshers/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 428 records)
44130-2Threshing machinery except combine harvester-threshers/1 InfoView data (32 countries, 305 records)
44130-3Straw or fodder balers, including pickup balers InfoView data (18 countries, 176 records)
44130-4Root or tuber harvesting machines InfoView data (19 countries, 155 records)
44180-1Milking machines InfoView data (18 countries, 127 records)
44211-0Machine-tools for working any material by removal of material InfoView data (21 countries, 221 records)
44213-0Lathes for removing metal/1 InfoView data (42 countries, 522 records)
44214-0Machine-tools for drilling, boring or milling metal InfoView data (30 countries, 429 records)
44216-1Grinding and sharpening machines/1 InfoView data (34 countries, 434 records)
44216-2Metal finishing machines except grinding and sharpening machines InfoView data (24 countries, 284 records)
44217-0Machine tools for working metal InfoView data (34 countries, 539 records)
44222-0Machine-tools for working wood/2 InfoView data (45 countries, 590 records)
44231-0Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic, hydraulic or with self-contained non-electric motor InfoView data (25 countries, 288 records)
44232-0Electro-mechanical tools for working in the hand, with self-contained electric motor InfoView data (23 countries, 255 records)
44420-1Mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders/1 InfoView data (38 countries, 490 records)
44421-0Bulldozers, self-propelled/1 InfoView data (30 countries, 355 records)
44440-0Machinery for sorting, mixing or kneading solids; machinery for agglomerating or shaping InfoView data (33 countries, 415 records)
44610-1Machines for preparing, weaving and knitting textiles InfoView data (32 countries, 338 records)
44623-0Sewing machines, except book sewing and household sewing machines InfoView data (26 countries, 344 records)
44710-0Tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, motorized, and parts thereof InfoView data (18 countries, 196 records)
44720-0Military weapons, other than revolvers, pistols and swords and the like InfoView data (14 countries, 130 records)
44730-1Revolvers and pistols InfoView data (16 countries, 154 records)
44730-2Sporting, hunting, target-shooting guns InfoView data (17 countries, 189 records)
44740-1Bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles and similar munitions of war InfoView data (22 countries, 179 records)
44811-1Combined refrigerators-freezers, with separate external doors InfoView data (28 countries, 298 records)
44811-2Other refrigerators and freezers of the household type/1 InfoView data (58 countries, 656 records)
44812-1Household washing and drying machines/2 InfoView data (53 countries, 595 records)
44814-0Household sewing machines InfoView data (23 countries, 290 records)
44816-1Domestic food grinders, mixers and fruit or vegetable juice extractors, with self-contained electric motor InfoView data (26 countries, 294 records)
44816-2Electric smoothing irons/1 InfoView data (39 countries, 405 records)
44816-3Vacuum cleaners/1 InfoView data (36 countries, 438 records)
44817-1Microwave ovens/1 InfoView data (29 countries, 334 records)
44817-2Electric ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters InfoView data (41 countries, 466 records)
44817-3Electric water heaters and immersion heaters InfoView data (38 countries, 480 records)
44817-4Electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus InfoView data (37 countries, 379 records)
44821-1Domestic, non-electric, cooking or heating appliances InfoView data (40 countries, 442 records)
44914-1Printing presses/2 InfoView data (29 countries, 369 records)
45   Office, accounting and computing machinery
45130-1Electronic calculators/2 InfoView data (30 countries, 306 records)
45130-2Cash registers/1 InfoView data (31 countries, 373 records)
45200-0Computing machinery and parts and accessories thereof (total production) InfoView data (29 countries, 234 records)
45220-0Laptop PCs and palm-top organizers InfoView data (27 countries, 317 records)
45230-0Desktop PCs InfoView data (35 countries, 452 records)
45240-0Digital data processing machines: presented in the form of systems InfoView data (23 countries, 253 records)
45260-1Printers InfoView data (26 countries, 310 records)
45260-2Keyboards InfoView data (25 countries, 212 records)
45260-3Monitors (visual display units) InfoView data (27 countries, 252 records)
45260-4Input or output units, such as mouses, plotters and scanners InfoView data (22 countries, 207 records)
45270-1Central storage units InfoView data (20 countries, 163 records)
45270-2CD-ROM drives InfoView data (17 countries, 135 records)
45270-3Hard disk drives InfoView data (19 countries, 165 records)
45270-4Floppy disk drives InfoView data (15 countries, 119 records)
45270-5Magnetic tape storage units InfoView data (17 countries, 155 records)
46   Electrical machinery and apparatus
46111-0Motors of an output not exceeding 37.5 W; other DC motors and DC generators InfoView data (36 countries, 423 records)
46112-0AC/DC motors of an output exceeding 37.5 W; other AC motors; AC generators (alternators) InfoView data (33 countries, 413 records)
46113-0Electric generating sets and rotary converters InfoView data (33 countries, 380 records)
46121-0Electrical transformers InfoView data (49 countries, 615 records)
46122-1Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes InfoView data (30 countries, 308 records)
46122-2Static converters InfoView data (32 countries, 434 records)
46210-0Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting or for making connexions in electrical circuits InfoView data (39 countries, 485 records)
46210-1Automatic circuit breakers InfoView data (25 countries, 341 records)
46210-2Fuses, electrical/1 InfoView data (34 countries, 374 records)
46212-1Relays InfoView data (29 countries, 375 records)
46212-2Lamp holders, plugs and sockets InfoView data (30 countries, 383 records)
46214-0Boards, consoles, etc. equipped with electrical switching apparatus, for voltage >1000 V InfoView data (30 countries, 375 records)
46300-1Insulated wire and cable/1 InfoView data (65 countries, 841 records)
46360-0Optical fiber cables InfoView data (35 countries, 426 records)
46410-0Primary cells and primary batteries/1 InfoView data (55 countries, 545 records)
46420-0Electric accumulators InfoView data (42 countries, 483 records)
46510-0Electric filament or discharge lamps; arc lamps InfoView data (37 countries, 434 records)
46531-1Electric table, desk, bedside or floor standing lamp InfoView data (35 countries, 466 records)
46531-2Chandeliers InfoView data (30 countries, 472 records)
46532-0Lighting sets for Christmas trees InfoView data (22 countries, 207 records)
46910-1Starter motors and dual purpose starter generators InfoView data (22 countries, 292 records)
46910-2Generators for internal combustion engines other than dual purpose starter generators InfoView data (21 countries, 205 records)
46910-3Electrical lighting or visual signaling equipment for motor vehicles and cycles InfoView data (23 countries, 295 records)
46910-4Sparking plugs/1 InfoView data (26 countries, 224 records)
46920-1Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) InfoView data (21 countries, 256 records)
46920-2Electric burglar or fire alarms and similar apparatus InfoView data (33 countries, 414 records)
46930-1Permanent magnets InfoView data (24 countries, 258 records)
46950-1Carbon electrodes InfoView data (26 countries, 306 records)
47   Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus
47110-0Electrical capacitors InfoView data (29 countries, 357 records)
47120-0Electrical resistors (except heating resistors) InfoView data (28 countries, 371 records)
47130-0Printed circuits InfoView data (34 countries, 487 records)
47140-1Color TV tubes/1 InfoView data (28 countries, 283 records)
47140-2Black and white, monochrome TV tubes/1 InfoView data (21 countries, 248 records)
47140-3Television camera tubes, image converters and intensifiers and other photo-cathode tubes InfoView data (17 countries, 162 records)
47140-4Cathode-ray tubes (excl. TV tubes, television camera tubes, image converters or intensifiers, other photo-cathode tubes) InfoView data (17 countries, 156 records)
47140-5Microwave tubes excluding grid-controlled tubes and other valves and tubes InfoView data (18 countries, 199 records)
47150-1Transistors, other than photosensitive transistors/1 InfoView data (29 countries, 336 records)
47150-2Photosensitive semiconductor devices; light emitting diodes InfoView data (28 countries, 280 records)
47150-3Diodes, other than photosensitive or light emitting diodes InfoView data (24 countries, 256 records)
47160-0Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies InfoView data (28 countries, 344 records)
47211-1Transmission apparatus incorporating reception apparatus InfoView data (28 countries, 273 records)
47212-0Television cameras InfoView data (21 countries, 218 records)
47220-1Telephones, videophones/1 InfoView data (51 countries, 537 records)
47220-2Facsimile machines InfoView data (22 countries, 213 records)
47220-3Telephonic or telegraphic switching apparatus InfoView data (32 countries, 315 records)
47310-1Radio receivers/1 InfoView data (49 countries, 540 records)
47313-1Video monitors InfoView data (22 countries, 196 records)
47313-2Television receivers InfoView data (34 countries, 382 records)
47321-1CD players InfoView data (19 countries, 197 records)
47323-1Video recording or reproducing apparatus InfoView data (23 countries, 293 records)
47323-2Still image video cameras and other video cameras; digital cameras InfoView data (21 countries, 216 records)
47331-1Amplifiers InfoView data (28 countries, 348 records)
47331-2Loudspeakers InfoView data (24 countries, 359 records)
47331-3Headphones InfoView data (16 countries, 201 records)
47510-1Magnetic media, not recorded, except cards with a magnetic stripe InfoView data (24 countries, 280 records)
47600-1Cards incorporating an electronic integrated circuit (smart card) InfoView data (21 countries, 222 records)
48   Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks
48110-1X-ray apparatus InfoView data (26 countries, 353 records)
48120-0Medical electro-diagnostic apparatus, ultra-violet or infra-red ray apparatus InfoView data (28 countries, 307 records)
48150-1Syringes, with or without needles InfoView data (25 countries, 321 records)
48150-2Needles, catheters, cannulae and the like InfoView data (28 countries, 354 records)
48170-1Artificial joints for orthopedic purposes InfoView data (28 countries, 329 records)
48170-2Artificial parts of the body (excl. artificial teeth and dental fittings and artificial joints) InfoView data (27 countries, 186 records)
48170-3Hearing aids (excl. parts and accessories) InfoView data (25 countries, 302 records)
48170-4Pacemakers for stimulating heart muscles (excl. parts and accessories) InfoView data (25 countries, 253 records)
48220-0Radar apparatus, radio navigational aid apparatus and radio remote control apparatus InfoView data (24 countries, 314 records)
48252-1Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow or level of liquids InfoView data (34 countries, 418 records)
48252-2Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking pressure of liquids or gasses InfoView data (30 countries, 347 records)
48265-1Thermostats InfoView data (27 countries, 343 records)
48311-1Optical fibres, optical fibre bundles and cables excluding optical fibre cables, made up of individually sheathed fibres InfoView data (21 countries, 228 records)
48311-2Spectacle lenses of glass or other materials InfoView data (32 countries, 406 records)
48311-3Contact lenses InfoView data (21 countries, 235 records)
48312-1Sunglasses InfoView data (26 countries, 238 records)
48313-0Frames and mountings for spectacles, goggles or the like InfoView data (26 countries, 304 records)
48315-1Lasers, other than laser diodes InfoView data (19 countries, 231 records)
48321-0Objective lenses for cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers or reducers InfoView data (18 countries, 213 records)
48322-1Photographic (other than cinematographic) cameras/1 InfoView data (23 countries, 300 records)
48341-0Photographic plates, film and paper InfoView data (24 countries, 322 records)
48410-0Watches/1 InfoView data (33 countries, 398 records)
48420-0Clocks/2 InfoView data (33 countries, 352 records)
49   Transport equipment
49111-0Road tractors for semi-trailers InfoView data (18 countries, 227 records)
49112-0Public-transport type passenger motor vehicles InfoView data (37 countries, 438 records)
49113-0Passenger cars InfoView data (45 countries, 551 records)
49114-0Trucks InfoView data (38 countries, 438 records)
49115-0Crane lorries InfoView data (25 countries, 305 records)
49121-0Chassis fitted with engines, for motor vehicles InfoView data (28 countries, 322 records)
49129-0Parts and accessories of motor vehicles, other than chassis fitted with engines InfoView data (39 countries, 376 records)
49222-0Trailers and semi-trailers of the caravan type, for housing or camping InfoView data (35 countries, 374 records)
49311-0Ships, vessels, ferry-boats for the transport of persons InfoView data (50 countries, 754 records)
49312-0Tankers/1 InfoView data (43 countries, 682 records)
49313-0Refrigerated vessels (ships), except tankers InfoView data (27 countries, 389 records)
49510-1Electric locomotives/2 InfoView data (26 countries, 330 records)
49510-2Diesel and diesel-electric locomotives/2 InfoView data (21 countries, 269 records)
49520-0Railway or tramway coaches, self-propelled InfoView data (24 countries, 276 records)
49532-0Railway or tramway passenger coaches, not self-propelled/1 InfoView data (29 countries, 321 records)
49533-0Railway or tramway goods vans and wagons, not self-propelled/1 InfoView data (37 countries, 422 records)
49610-0Balloons and dirigibles; gliders, hang gliders and other non-powered aircraft InfoView data (8 countries, 42 records)
49611-0Gliders, hang gliders and other non-powered aircraft InfoView data (18 countries, 182 records)
49612-0Balloons, dirigibles and other non-powered aircraft InfoView data (18 countries, 199 records)
49621-1Helicopters of an unladen weight not exceeding 2,000 kg InfoView data (19 countries, 206 records)
49621-2Helicopters of an unladen weight exceeding 2,000 kg InfoView data (18 countries, 188 records)
49622-0Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen weight not exceeding 2,000 kg InfoView data (24 countries, 233 records)
49623-1Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen weight exceeding 2,000 kg but not exceeding 15,000 kg InfoView data (18 countries, 186 records)
49623-2Aeroplanes and other aircraft, of an unladen weight exceeding 15,000 kg InfoView data (19 countries, 231 records)
49910-1Motorcycles, scooters, etc., other than those of a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cc; side-cars/1 InfoView data (50 countries, 518 records)
49921-0Bicycles and other cycles, not motorized/1 InfoView data (58 countries, 727 records)
49922-0Wheelchairs InfoView data (32 countries, 341 records)
88   Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others
88111-0Food and beverage manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 150 records)
88112-0Tobacco manufacturing services InfoView data (13 countries, 103 records)
88121-0Textile manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 135 records)
88122-0Wearing apparel manufacturing services InfoView data (16 countries, 132 records)
88123-0Leather product manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 137 records)
88130-0Wood and cork, except furniture, and straw and plaiting material manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 133 records)
88140-0Paper and paper product manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 137 records)
88150-0Coke, refined petroleum product and nuclear fuel manufacturing services InfoView data (15 countries, 113 records)
88160-0Chemical and chemical product manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 134 records)
88170-0Rubber and plastic products manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 138 records)
88180-0Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 136 records)
88190-0Other manufacturing services, except of metal products, machinery and equipment InfoView data (16 countries, 131 records)
88213-0Primary metal manufacturing services InfoView data (16 countries, 131 records)
88219-0Other fabricated metal product manufacturing services and metalworking services InfoView data (17 countries, 137 records)
88221-0Motor vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer manufacturing services InfoView data (16 countries, 126 records)
88229-0Other transport equipment manufacturing services InfoView data (14 countries, 117 records)
88231-0Office, accounting and computing machinery manufacturing services InfoView data (14 countries, 120 records)
88232-0Electrical machinery and apparatus manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 135 records)
88233-0Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus manufacturing services InfoView data (15 countries, 128 records)
88234-0Medical precision and optical instrument, watch and clock manufacturing services InfoView data (15 countries, 131 records)
88239-0Other machinery and equipment manufacturing services InfoView data (17 countries, 136 records)

/1 - This product has been carried over from the previous List of Industrial products.
/2 - This product has been carried over from the previous List of Industrial products with minimal changes.
/3 - Data for this product will be taken from the UN Energy Statistics database. It will not be part of the Commodity Production Statistics Questionnaire.