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Minimum set of gender indicator and indicators related to national norms, by domain

Following the recommendations by the Statistical Commission (decision 42/102), and as reported to its forty-fourth session (E/CN.3/2013/10), the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics through its Advisory Group on Global Gender Statistics and Indicators Database, including experts from national statistical systems and international agencies, identified a minimum set of gender indicators composed of 52 quantitative indicators grouped into three tiers and 11 qualitative indicators covering national norms and laws on gender equality.

The selection of the 52 quantitative indicators was guided by the primary criterion that indicators should address key policy concerns as identified in the Beijing Platform for Action and other more recent international commitments. The 52 indicators were agreed by the Commission as a guide for the national production and international compilation of gender statistics through its decision 44/109.

In addition, the selected 52 indicators were further classified into the following tiers:

  • Tier 1. Indicators conceptually clear, with an agreed international definition and regularly produced by countries.
  • Tier 2. Indicators conceptually clear, with an agreed international definition, but not yet regularly produced by countries.
  • Tier 3. Indicators for which international standards need still to be developed and not regularly produced by countries.

The eleven indicators on national norms monitor how national legislation works toward ensuring gender equality in various areas.

Quantitative Indicators (Forthcoming)

Qualitative Indicators Related to National Norms