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October 2016

Energy Statistics Compilers Manual

The Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM) is being developed in accordance with the decisions of the United Nations Statistical Commission at its 42nd session as part of the implementation of the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES).

The ESCM is expected to contain further and more detailed explanations of the recommendations and provide practical guidance for compilers of energy statistics, energy balances and energy accounts by describing country practices. The ESCM is being prepared by UNSD in close collaboration with the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics and other groups of experts such as the London Group on Environmental Accounting.

It is envisaged that the Manual will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new methodological developments and keep data compilers abreast of new country practices. As part of the preparation of the Manual, country practices will be collected through the Country Practice Template and made available through a knowledge-base platform at a later stage.

The preparation process and outline for the ESCM were discussed at the 6th Oslo Group meeting. More information on the ESCM can be found at the Oslo Group website.