What's new in the registry?

The UN Classifications Registry is updated on a daily basis with decisions resulting from individual requests or discussions at meetings with other custodians.
The new registry entries are updated on the web when necessary.

Last update: 26/01/2012 1:32:28 PM.

Apart from these constantly occurring updates, there are times when larger changes are made, such as updating the indexes after extensive rounds of discussions.
Below is a list of recent major additions to the registry.

15/06/2009CPC Ver.2 index added
27/02/2009Classifications files changed from "sales" to "free downloads" for non-commercial use
23/01/2009NACE Rev.2 and ISIC-NACE coreespondence added
16/01/2009CPC Ver.2 - SITC Rev.4 correspondence added
09/01/2009CPC Ver. 2 correspondences added (ISIC 4, HS 07, CPC 1.1)