Correspondence between ISIC Rev.4 and NAICS 2007 (US)

The following table shows the links between the selected classifications. In case of a partial link, the detail column specifies the portion of the second classification. An icon in the last column signifies comments, such as changes after the original publication. Clicking on the codes of either classification links to the definition of that particular category.

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ISIC Rev.4NAICS 2007 (US)PartDetail 
 111998*field crops, n.e.c.; and combinations of grains, cereal crops, and other similar crops
 111219*except kale, mangold wurzel, and pepper farming
 111419*growing melons, vegetables, etc. under cover
 111998*sisal, abaca, and other textile fibers
0119111219*kale, mangold wurzel, etc
012111336 Link to ISIC group level - combination fruit and tree nut farming
 111998*ISIC group level link - combinations of fruit, not, beverage and spice crops, based on primary
0122111339*banana and other tropical or subtropical fruit farming
 111419*tropical and subtropical fruit grown under cover
 111339*growing of apricots, peaches, cherries and other stone or pome fruits
 111335*except nuts used chiefly for oil extraction
 111339*other noncitrus fruit seed growing
0126111335*nuts used chiefly for oil extraction including tung nuts
 111339*growing of olives and coconuts and other oleaginous fruits
0127111339*growing coffee
 111998*tea and mate growing
0128111219*pepper farming e.g., bell, chili, red, green

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