Detailed structure and explanatory notes

ICATUS code 15

Structure   Notes

  • Major Division: 15 - Personal care and maintenance


This Major Division is divided into the following Divisions:

  • 151 - Core activities: time spent in personal care and maintenance
  • 152 - Travel related to personal care and maintenance activities
  • 159 - Personal care and maintenance activities n.e.c.

Explanatory note

- Activities required by the individual in relation to biological needs: sleeping, eating, resting etc.
- Performing own personal and health-care and maintenance or receiving this type of care
- Activities in relation to spiritual/religious care
- Doing nothing, resting, relaxing
- Meditating, thinking, planning

- Shopping for personal care and health-care services is classified under 06122
- Participation in volunteer work for religious organizations is classified under appropriate divisions in major division 08
- Participation in choir practices, social events of churches etc. is classified under appropriate divisions under major division 10 and 12

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