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Alphabetical index for CPC Ver.1.1 code 01923

68 records foundClick here to Search the Index
codeProduct description 
01923Abaca, raw 
01923Alfa textile fibres, raw 
01923Aloe textile fibres, raw 
01923Arghan textile fibres, raw 
01923Berandine (or Beraudine) peat textile fibres, raw 
01923Cantala textile fibres, raw 
01923Caroa textile fibres, processed but not spun 
01923Coir, raw 
01923Colombia pita textile fibres, processed but not spun 
01923Cordage of sisal or of other agave fibres, raw 
01923Curana textile fibres, processed but not spun 
01923Esparto textile fibres, processed but not spun 
01923Fibres, agave, raw 
01923Fibres, alfa, raw 
01923Fibres, coconut (coir), raw 
01923Fibres, esparto, raw 
01923Fibres, istle (or ixtle), raw 
01923Fibres, kapok, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave americana, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave cantala, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave foetida, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave fourcroydes, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave funkiana, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave lechugilla, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave rigida, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave sisalana, raw 
01923Fibres, of Agave tequilana, raw 
01923Fibres, of Berandine peat, raw 
01923Fibres, of Beraudine peat, raw 
01923Fibres, of Furcraea gigantea, raw 
01923Fibres, of Musa textilis Née, raw 
01923Fibres, of Phormium tenax, raw 
01923Fibres, peat (ligneous), raw 
01923Fibres, piteira, raw 
01923Fibres, Typha, raw 
01923Flax, New Zealand, raw 
01923Flax, raw, whether or not rippled or bolled 
01923Flax, retted 
01923Grass, China, raw 
01923Hemp (true) (Cannabis sativa L.), raw or retted 

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