Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities

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Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities

By United Nations Statistics Division, 2009.

The United Nations published the Handbook on Geographic Information Systems and Digital Mapping for use during the 2000 round of population and housing censuses. The 2000 Handbook has provided useful guidance in the field of census cartography. It needed updating and reviewing, however, to take into account recent developments in geospatial technologies and their applications for statistical exercises, in particular for population and housing censuses.

The present updated Handbook is divided into six chapters and seven annexes. After a brief introduction in chapter I, chapter II covers managerial issues for statistical agency heads that should be considered when reorganizing national statistical offices to permit the full use of geospatial infrastructure. Chapter III provides technical content for the data-processing manager or cartography/GIS chief to use for the practical establishment of a digital enumeration area (EA)-level geographic database. Chapter IV continues the technical focus, spelling out the process of constructing an EA geodatabase and using such technical advances as global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing to make corrections, integrating them where necessary with groundbased work. Chapter V covers the process of creating the maps needed for enumeration, with an operational focus that picks up where the geographic database discussion left off. Chapter VI covers the use of geospatial infrastructure for dissemination of census results. Annexes I to VII provide a handy reference for those planning and implementing geospatial solutions to census projects.

Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities, United Nations Publications, Sales No. E.09.XVIII.8, 2009.

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