Accuracy evaluation of Nuts level 2 hypercubes with the adoption of a sampling strategy in the 2011...

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Accuracy evaluation of Nuts level 2 hypercubes with the adoption of a sampling strategy in the 2011...

By the National Institute of Statistics, Italy, 2009.

Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is considering using sampling techniques in order to adopt a short/long form strategy for the 2011 Italian Population Census. The choice is based on a simple random design for the selection of private household samples from population registers and the calibrated estimators. Because the adoption of a sampling strategy causes the introduction of sampling errors, tests and studies have been conducted in order to evaluate the efficiency of sampling estimates and the accuracy of dissemination hypercubes.

The planning of the 2011 Italian Population Census has taken in account both the critical points of the last census and the possibility to introduce methodological innovations according to the international recommendations. In order to improve the efficiency of the survey operations, to reduce the workload of the municipalities and to minimize the statistical burden for the people involved in the enumeration, many solutions have been taken into consideration. The most important are related to the use of population registers, to a mailing for the census forms and to a mixed mode of data collection mainly based on mail and web.

Introducing sampling strategy in the next Census round implies not only savings and a smaller amount of data to be managed also provides an opportunity to improve the overall quality of data. It will be possible to set up and execute more checks on census forms and follows up in the field to reduce the non-sampling errors. Another advantage of the sampling strategy is improvements to the Census timeliness, which is a constraint since 2011 Census data have to be provided to Eurostat on 1 April 2014.

Paper presented at the joint UNECE/Eurostat meeting on Population and Housing Censuses, Geneva, 28-30 October 2009.

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