Evaluating the Integrated Census in Israel

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Evaluating the Integrated Census in Israel

Paper by Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel

The upcoming Israeli census (December 2008) will be an "Integrated Census". It will be based on administrative data, and data obtained from a large field sample survey. The field sample survey will serve to estimate over-coverage and under-coverage of data from administrative sources and to add socio-economic information unavailable from those sources, such as labor force characteristics, household typology, education, housing, sustainable goods ownership and disability. In order to evaluate the results of the Israeli Integrated Census, the traditional methods – based on Post Enumeration Surveys - are not adequate, and alternative methods had to be developed for a reliable evaluation. The present paper describes the work conducted to develop procedures and methods for the evaluation of the new Israeli Integrated Census.

Paper presented at the Joint UNECE/Eurostat Meeting on Population and Housing Censuses, Geneva, 13-15 May 2008.

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