Maintaining census-related activities during intercensal years

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Maintaining census-related activities during intercensal years

This paper by the Statistical Office of India describes and discusses several census-related activities during intercensal years. The paper argues that intercensal activities lend a continuity to census operations and contribute towards an effective and efficient programme for the next census. The main intercensal activities are:

(1) completion of dissemination;
(2) completion of printing and publication;
(3) provision of services to data users;
(4) continuous updating of jurisdictional changes as an advance preparation for the next census;
(5) carrying out population surveys, household surveys and methodological studies;
(6) maintenance of a census library containing census publications and electronic products (e.g., CD-ROMs);
(7) preservation of essential maps and records and destroying filled-in questionnaires after data processing under proper supervision if data have been entered fully;
(8) documenting census activities in administrative reports and retaining multiple copies of all essential census instructions, circulars and questionnaires for reference and guidance in the next census;
(9) continuously updating digitized maps for use in the next census;
(10) retaining the census office (at least in a skeleton form with necessary staff) during the intercensal period; and
(11) updating the census frame for the purpose of sampling.

Paper presented at the Symposium on Global Review of 2000 Round of Population and Housing Censuses: Mid-Decade Assessment and Future Prospects, New York, 7-10 August 2001.

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