Record matching for census purposes in the Netherlands

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Record matching for census purposes in the Netherlands

This paper by Statistics Netherlands deals with special requirements of the "Virtual Census" in the Netherlands. Tables for the 2001 Dutch Virtual Census were obtained by combining data from a wide variety of administrative registers and sample surveys, and not by interviewing inhabitants through a complete enumeration. The article provides detailed information on how records from the different registers as well as from the sample surveys are linked and the methodological adjustments carried out to obtain the statistical tables. The acquired experience in dealing with data of various administrative registers for statistical use enabled Statistics Netherlands to develop a Social Statistical Database (SSD), which contains coherent and detailed demographic and socio-economic statistical information on persons and households.

Paper presented at the Joint UNECE-Eurostat Expert Group Meeting on the Implementation of the CES Census Recommendations for Register-Based Censuses Astana (Kazakhstan), 7-8 June 2007.

[available also in Russian]

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