Economic autonomy of women

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From gender issues to gender statistics on economic autonomy of women: illustrative examples

Policy-relevant questions Data needed Sources of data
Do women earn cash income as often and as much as men? Employment by type of income and sex.

Value of individual income by sex
Household surveys such as living standard surveys, LFS (Labour Force Survey), DHS (Demographic and Health Survey) or MICS (Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey)

Living standard surveys such as LSMS (Living Standard Measurement Study) or EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions)
Do women own land as often and as much as men? Do women appear as often as men on housing property titles? Individual ownership of land by sex

Distribution of land size by sex of the owner

Distribution of housing property titles by sex of the owner
Household surveys such as living standard surveys; population and housing censuses; agricultural censuses or surveys

Multi-purpose household surveys; administrative sources
Do women apply for and obtain credit as often as men? Are some types of credit and some sources of credit more often associated with women than men? Applicants for credit by sex, purpose of credit, source of credit and approval response. Household surveys