How to prepare documents for the Knowledgebase?

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How to prepare documents for the Knowledgebase?

For each document the following information needs to be prepared before the document can be sent to be entered into the knowledgebase:

Document summary

The summary is the most important information provided for each document. It should be brief, but should also clearly indicate the content of the document. Based on the summary the user should be able to identify if the document contains the desired information.

Tags (search keywords)

The tags determine if the document will appear in the keyword search. There is no restriction in the number of tags assigned to each document, but only relevant tags should be assigned.


Each document can be assigned to multiple categories. Based on the structure of the knowledgebase all appropriate categories need to be identified and the document should be assigned to all of them. Only available categories can be selected.
Please note that additional categories can be added to the knowledgebase if the available categories do not your fit your needs. Categories can only be added by the administrator and the request should be sent together with the prepared document.


If available, the document link should be provided as attachment.

Related links

If available, links related to the document should be provided.

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