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Handbook of National Accounting -- Use of Macro Accounts in Policy Analysis-UNSD (2002)

This handbook is a joint product of interdisciplinary research, of national accountants, policy analysts and econometricians. The term "macro-accounts" is used to refer not only to national economic accounts but also to satellite accounting and, in particular, integrated economic-environmental and socio-economic accounting. The 1993 SNA embodies all these elements of macro-accounting. Traditionally, policy analysis makes use of statistics in order to monitor developments and takes decisions in order to influence them. In this context, macro-accounting is dealt with as one of those statistical areas, which policy users mainly associate with gross domestic product (GDP) and related production statistics. The present handbook, however, emphasizes the role of macro-accounting as an instrument rather than as a data set. It refers in particular to the feature of macro accounts to reconcile separate statistics into a coherent set of data. In this sense, the handbook offers macro accounts as an instrument to policy analysts and not as a unique data set. In the course of the handbook it will be shown that the macro accounts instrument can be applied to many different data sets, each one of which can be associated with different types of policies.

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