Web-forms for Intrastat - Eurostat (2000)

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Web-forms for Intrastat - Eurostat (2000)

This book surveys the web-forms, operational or soon to be released as of its publication in 2000, which can be used to make Intrastat declarations. The book describes in some detail the different systems developed, but also tries to draw out the similarities and differences between them and to identify the lessons which can be learnt from these experiences. The book will be of interest to anyone who is concerned with the collection of raw data for statistical purposes. It should also be of interest to anyone who is concerned with how the new technologies of the Internet and the World Wide Web can be used for the mutual benefit of the public and administrations. But it should be of particular relevance to those who are involved in Intrastat, and to those who are planning to develop a web-form for data collection.

Custodian: Eurostat


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