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Handbook for EU agricultural price statistics, Version 2.0 - Eurostat (2008)

This handbook covers Eurostat’s “EU Agricultural Price Indices (output and input)” and its “Statistics on Absolute Agricultural Prices“. The main use for absolute agricultural prices is to compare price levels between Member States and to study sales channels. On the other hand, agricultural price indices are used primarily to analyse price developments and the effect on agricultural income. The last consolidated handbook covering both Agricultural Price Indices and Absolute Prices was published in 2002 and was followed by a revised version covering only Agricultural Price Indices in January 2005. The methodology of EU Agricultural Price Statistics (version 1.0 February 2002) was updated to incorporate the changes in data collection of Agricultural price indices from monthly to quarterly indices and the latest decisions regarding the collection of annual absolute prices using a reduced list of variables since July 2005.

Custodian: Eurostat


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