Business Activity Survey (BAS) - Timor‐Leste

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Business Activity Survey (BAS) - Timor‐Leste

This is the first ever Business Activity Survey (BAS) in TimorLeste, constituting an important landmark in the understanding of the development of the country's business sector. The results of the BAS give the Government a clear picture of the performance and composition of the nonpetroleum business sector and the size of its contribution to the national economy and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Business Activity Survey comprises a sample of 1,220 out of approximately 4,260 businesses of the kind considered in this study. These nonpetroleum producing businesses are spread out across the country and mainly located in the major towns of each district. The BAS includes all public and private financial enterprises (banks and insurance companies) as well as all public and private nonfinancial businesses, with a few major exceptions: general government agencies (administration, health, education etc) and agricultural production and other informal economic activities conducted by households. Socalled notforprofit institutions (NGOs, charities, churches etc) were surveyed only if they earned more than 50 per cent of their incomes in 2010 from trading activities. Estimates of the economic contribution of subsistence farming and other informal economic activities can be made based on data previously collected in household surveys.

Custodian: Direcção Nacional de Estatística - Timor-Leste


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