Statistical Confidentiality and Access to Microdata

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Statistical Confidentiality and Access to Microdata

Confidentiality is one of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics. It is a top priority issue on the policy agenda of statistical offices and an indispensable element to maintaining the trust of respondents and thus ensuring the quality of data. The Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) recognised the need to discuss confidentiality problems in statistical practice at the highest level and chose confidentiality and access to microdata as the topic of a special seminar of the 2003 plenary session of the CES.

The present publication provides all the papers, both invited and supporting, that were considered at the Seminar. It follows the programme of the Seminar, concentrating on the following four themes: (1) overview and use of microdata, (2) data confidentiality, (3) legal aspects of microdata, and (4) access to microdata. Each topic begins with the discussants’ comments, which provide a good introduction to the issues considered. Current problems in confidentiality protection are analysed and some steps for future international cooperation in this area are identified. Special attention is paid to confidentiality problems in Central and Eastern European and the CIS countries.

Custodian: UNECE/Statistics Sweden


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