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Measuring Productivity - OECD Manual: Measurement of Aggregate and Industry-Level Productivity Growth (2001 Edition)

Measures of productivity growth constitute core indicators for the analysis and prospects of economic growth. However, there are many different approaches towards productivity measurement and their calculation and interpretation needs careful consideration, in particular when international comparisons are involved. The OECD Productivity Manual is the first comprehensive guide to the various productivity measures and addresses statisticians, researchers and analysts who are involved in constructing industry-level productivity indicators.

The Manual presents the theoretical foundations to productivity measurement, and discusses implementation and measurement issues. Text is accompanied by empirical examples from OECD countries and by numerical examples to enhance its readability. The Manual also offers a brief discussion of the interpretation and use of productivity measures.

Custodian: OECD


oecd_measuring_productivity_2001_en.pdf oecd_measuring_productivity_2001_en.pdf (993.47 KB, 2,430 views)

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